Flying to Those in Need: Sophomore GSO is Sponsoring a Clothing Drive

EBy Nicholas Plante


Every day of the school year, over 1700 Chaminade students present themselves neatly in jacket and tie.  Unfortunately, every man on Long Island cannot afford proper business attire.  A fair amount of Long Islanders struggle to get the right clothes to wear for occasions such as job interviews.  Therefore, Sophomore GSO is sponsoring a clothing drive in accordance with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul on Long Island.  

From Thursday, October 8 to Wednesday, October 14, all students are invited to deliver suit jackets, blazers, shirts, ties, pants, belts, and shoes to the Darby Auditorium lobby before the beginning of homeroom.  Donations should include shirts that no longer fit, pants that have been outgrown, ties that have been replaced by new styles, and other business clothing that are simply sitting in closets.

The clothing drive will culminate with a presentation during Sophomore Spirit Day, which is Wednesday, October 14.  

Support the Long Island community and bring in some school clothing that you no longer wear!