It all began 81 years ago with a few writers, some paper, and a dream to create a newspaper that Chaminade High School could be proud to display.  Decades later, the same dream exists in the Publications Center each day.  Dozens of skilled writers, editors, and layout experts spend hours creating Tarmac for the Chaminade Family and Friends to enjoy.

From football games to community service projects, the staff of Tarmac has seen the best Chaminade has to offer.  Prepared with pencil and notepad in hand, Tarmac writers and editors were there to capture the moments that make Chaminade, Chaminade.  

Once an article was written, the layout staff added their creative touch to transform articles into a published, printed newspaper.  In recent years, an issue of Tarmac has been printed on 16 glossy pages exhibiting the work of the entire staff, a labor of love for the Chaminade Family.  Throughout its history, Tarmac has been honored by many organizations, most recently receving the 2014 New York Press Association Best High School Newspaper Award.  The staffs of the past and present have consistently investigated both in-house stories as well as stories that influence the Chaminade Family in the form of features and editorials.  In their relentless effort to keep Chaminade informed, the Flyers of Tarmac are soaring to new horizons with the debut of chstarmac.com.

The staff of Tarmac and I are prepared to bring the decades-old tradition of Tarmac into the twenty-first century.  We have a simple goal: to keep an eye on everything Chaminade.  We sincerely hope you enjoy our new website.


-Peter Charalambous ’16

Tarmac Online Founding Editor-in-Chief