Summer Spotlight: Bloomberg Business Camps

Hands-on, real-world experiences in the classroom result in an unparalleled degree of financial literacy among Chaminade graduates.

Among Chaminade’s most popular summer programs, the Bloomberg Business Camps will return to campus in the summer of 2021, but space is filling quickly. (The first session is already sold out!)

“The Bloomberg Camp was a great experience for me, especially since it was the summer before I came to Chaminade,” explained Sean Hatzfeld ’23. “I was able to meet new people and learn a lot about the stock market. The other campers and I were able to make investments with fake money and try to make the most return on our investments as possible… It was a good experience that I recommend; the camp helped me get acclimated to the school environment.”

Located on the second floor of the school’s main building, the Bloomberg Financial Literacy Lab will host this summer’s festivities, opening its doors to middle schoolers for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Home to 20 Bloomberg terminals, the lab is among the crown jewels in Chaminade’s robust academic portfolio.

“The Bloomberg Camp helped introduce me to the knowledge of how stocks can be traded and how they operate,” said Matthew DiDominica ‘23. “Over the past two years, I have been able to use this knowledge as a foundation to start buying and selling stocks. It allowed me to understand the world of stocks, which has been an increasingly popular field in which young people can make money. It also allowed me to experiment with my own tactics and strategies, which I had built up over the course of the Bloomberg Camp… The camp also helped me to gain a better understanding of a developing interest of mine, which I was able to investigate before the school year started.”

This summer’s first two camps are open to all students entering seventh through ninth grades (in the fall of 2021). The camps taking place the weeks of July 12 and 19 are also available to students entering 10th grade. Each camp runs for one week – from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. daily – at a cost of $375 per session. Although the first session (Introduction to Money, Economics, and Finance) is already filled to capacity, the following remain open at the time of this article’s publication:

  • Session 2: July 5-9 – Equity and Fixed Income Markets
  • Session 3: July 12-16 – Financial Literacy
  • Session 4: July 19-23 – Entrepreneurship/Shark Tank

“As soon-to-be freshmen at Chaminade, my friend and I walked into the Financial Lab, looking at each other like, ‘What did we get ourselves into?’ But, after about an hour of explanation, we had fully embraced the power of the Bloomberg terminals,” admitted Robert Wieczorek ’23. “We found ourselves competing over who was raising the most capital and, at the same time, learning about financial literacy. This camp went beyond Bloomberg and financial literacy; it gave soon-to-be freshmen their first in-depth look into Chaminade’s many unique offerings, buildings, and its realm of possibilities. The camp also allowed me, as an incoming Flyer, to speak with upperclassmen who were also attending the camp, about their experiences and advice, as well as my future teachers, who moderated the camp.”

Paying it Forward: As the stock ticker crawls by in the background, Mr. Kevin St. Pierre ’85 draws on decades of professional experience to advise the next generation of Flyers.

Over the course of Chaminade’s four-year curriculum, all students will take classes in the Bloomberg Financial Literacy Lab, ensuring a financial competency upon graduation which few high schools can provide.

Additionally, students can take part in after-school clubs and activities focused on finance, with many earning official Bloomberg certification in the process.

“When I went to Bloomberg [Business Camp], I spent time collaborating with my peers, as well as learning about stocks and business,” said Michael Touma ’23. “I had a lot of fun throughout the camp, especially participating in the mini-competitions and using the Bloomberg terminals.”

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