5 Questions with Mark Rossano ’02

Interview by Mike Manopella ‘22

After graduating from Chaminade in 2002, Mark Rossano studied economics at Loyola University in Maryland. He began his career in the business world working as an associate for Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Afterwards, Mark served as portfolio manager at FNY Capital, and energy analyst and strategist for South Ferry Capital Management, Candlewood Investment Group, and Bloomberg. In April of 2019, Rossano began his own company, C6 Capital Holding, which provides consulting and financial services, as well as private equity services. 

  • How has your Chaminade experience impacted your life and your career to this point?

Chaminade had a huge impact, in terms of the friendships I made and the learning experiences I had. Most of my friends in my wedding party came from Chaminade. I have had some very dramatic things happen in my life, such as my newborn daughter undergoing a risky heart surgery just days after she was born. The guys I called to help with such difficulties were always my Chaminade brothers. Across any journey, there are always dark periods and problems, and you need a good, strong network to help you pull through. This trust and love from the guys you are with is so important to building a camaraderie that spans a lifetime. The biggest thing in terms of education at Chaminade was learning to think outside the box. You can’t really follow a path that has already been walked. Critical thinking and having a well-rounded education is something that was cultivated here and helped me create new solutions to old problems.

  • How does the new Bloomberg Finance Lab impact students’ chances of being successful in the world of business?

Data is so crucial in determining success and failure. Knowing how to find data and make use of it is a huge advantage when entering the business world, one that I wish I had when I was your age. Everyone has information, but why do I care, and how do I make money with it? Knowing the answer to those questions is key to having a huge leg up on others. You are staring at the goal line while everyone is back at midfield. 

  • The Business Club at Chaminade has generated tremendous interest from the student body. Why do you think that is? 

People see that there is a need for new people with imaginative and bold ideas in the business world. The modern business world needs to redefine itself right now since corporations are trying to change themselves. There is an opportunity to disrupt this changing environment with the right ideas. The Business Club will help drive the growth of applying new technologies in unique ways. The biggest failures I’ve seen are from those who don’t understand financials and general economics. Having this information, which is obtained from learning about Bloomberg and participating in clubs such as the Business Club, puts you at a huge advantage when you are trying to create your own business.

  • What’s the most important thing you have learned about entrepreneurship and economics that Chaminade students should know?

Always prepare for the unexpected. The bus that hurts the most is the one that you don’t see coming. You can never get hung up on that “something I shouldn’t have to do” or that’s” beneath me.” You are on your own – you need to do everything from cleaning your desk to negotiating million-dollar deals. You want to keep yourself open to new ideas and think outside the box. Learn something new and read different ideas. If you’re in the finance industry, read a chemistry book. While this can be hard to do when you’re overworked and tired, exploring new opportunities can help you get back up on your feet when you’re pushed down. Always find new avenues; you can’t get caught up in failure. Secondly, I’d emphasize the importance of never getting too focused on one area. Always look to branch out and learn as much as you can from the people around you. This helps you make connections that a lot of other people can’t. Understand that nothing happens in a vacuum. The people you surround yourself with are going to help you, whether that is your family or friends. 

  • You were formerly in the energy industry. What were your encounters in this industry and position, and how has changing fields changed your experiences?

The energy industry was always fun. Since energy is everywhere in the world around us, I was able to meet so many unique people and live in extraordinary places such as Abu Dhabi. The conversations have changed now that I’m in the finance world. The field itself is much more structured in terms of the questions people are asking through the consulting component of my company. Since the world is going through a massive shift, now is the first time that I’m getting the best questions about how the macro is impacting the micro. I love owning my own business, which was inspired by the desire to create something on my own to add value and generate a new way of thinking. I love the ability to build something that fills a need I saw in the market to drive home change.