Summer Spotlight: Musical Theatre Camp

Members of the Darby Players performing this Fall

By Sarah Kendric

Chaminade’s Musical Theatre Camp was undoubtedly the highlight of my summer in the years leading up to high school. The engaging workshops and encouraging instruction made this camp the perfect place to explore my love of performance.

The experience made me more than prepared for any high-school drama program.

I was able to express myself, gain confidence, and make wonderful memories!

By Sarah Hazelton

I had such a wonderful and memorable experience with the Chaminade Musical Theatre Camp. I was a kid who was obsessed with acting and music, and this program allowed me to dig deeper into my talents and challenge myself to be the best actor, singer, and “castmate” I could be.

Aside from working on theater-related activities, I also made many awesome, lasting friendships with people I would have never met otherwise! It was such a great way to meet both boys and girls who all share a similar interest.

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