Senior Athlete Spotlight: Gavin Creo ’23

By Joe Bonagura ‘23

Gavin Creo ‘23 plays attack for Chaminade lacrosse and is committed to the University of Richmond. He recently sat down with Tarmac to discuss his athletic career and future plans.

Tarmac: When did you start playing lacrosse? 

Creo: My parents put a stick in my hand the minute I could hold it. I grew a passion for it as the years went on and that passion has never left me.

Tarmac: What specific aspect of the game do you love, and what about it keeps you coming back to it?

Creo: Community of hard working guys and teammates all with the same common goal, whom I consider my family. I think the lacrosse world is very tightly-knit, and constantly putting the time and effort into lacrosse is a way I can grow the game even larger than here at home. I love the physicality of the sport and my favorite part as an attack man is breaking my defender down behind the cage “at the X” and scoring or looking for an open teammate.

Tarmac: What made you choose Richmond? What do you look forward to the most about playing?

Creo: The combination of high academics and a reputable lacrosse program is what initially pulled me in. Once I got to see the campus for myself and meet my coaches, I got a feeling that this place would be my home. In many ways I saw on both the academic and athletic side of the school, I saw many commonalities between my current home, Chaminade, and my future home, Richmond.

Tarmac: What do you hope to pursue as a career? How do you think lacrosse will help you with that?

Creo: I am most likely going into the business world, whether it be finance, entrepreneurship, or taking the family business over. In the business world, my dad is one who taught me a lot and has inspired me to pursue that path. Lacrosse teaches you numerous values, especially leadership, dedication, and commitment, and these three qualities are the most important in the recipe for success.

Tarmac: Who inspires you to keep going with the game? How do you bounce back from a tough game?

Creo: My brother is a huge part of the person I am and that translates directly into lacrosse. He is a lacrosse player, who is a Chaminade alum and is a junior at Sacred Heart University, and has inspired me to always work hard for the beginning and his grit and determination has inspired me since day 1. I think the most important thing that you have to do when you are down in a game is keep your composure when others can’t. It’s easy to feel bad for yourself and just give up, but a leader is one who steps up and voices to the team the game is not over.

Tarmac: What’s your advice to young lacrosse players, who want to play at Chaminade?

Creo: If you put the time and effort into what you want to be, I really and truly believe that you will become that person. Be someone who embodies grit—don’t ever be discouraged by any obstacles that may come in your way.