Opinion: The Train & Its Benefits for Chaminade Students

Photo courtesy of amodernli.com

By Andrew McConaghy ’25

With Chaminade High School students commuting to school from as far west as New Jersey and as far east as the Hamptons, the train is becoming an increasingly popular and convenient form of transportation for the Flyers. It is quicker than driving or taking the bus due to the absence of traffic, and the various stops all over Long Island and New York City expand the range of students that are able to attend our school. With the Mineola train station less than a mile away, the 10-minute walk makes for an easy commute. And, after the recent renovations to both Mineola Station and the Long Island Railroad, this method of travel could be getting even easier. 

Over the course of the past year, Mineola Station has experienced a series of renovations as a result of the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville. Some of these changes include the refurbishment of the station building, the construction of another overpass, the development of shelters with cell phone charging stations, and a large statue of “Bessie and Roxey,” two influential figures of both Mineola and the LIRR. Along with the reconstruction of this important hub, the LIRR recently altered its schedule this past February—a change many find beneficial due to the additions of more trains in the afternoon. 

One fan of the enhanced schedule,  Matthew Cinque ‘25, shared, “The new schedule has its benefits as there are more options, which is helpful for afterschool activities. It is also easier to catch an earlier train.”

 The train is a great place to be productive and get ahead on schoolwork, regardless of the length of the trip. Unlike driving in a car, there is not as much stopping-and-going, so it is not as difficult to concentrate and keep a steady hand while doing homework. Students have the ability to complete as much work as possible right after school, so they do not have to worry about it at home. Although this does not always apply to train kids in the morning due to the recent “homework due at 11:59” rule, the train is also a great time to study and refresh your memory before a big test or quiz. 

The many restaurants and shops on Mineola Boulevard, which is just outside the station, allow students to grab a quick bite to eat before their train or provide a place to hangout after a long day of school. Just across the street from the tracks is the Mineola Mini Mart, a small convenience store with a large assortment of snacks and drinks, as well as the Station Plaza Coffee Shop and Diner, which serves sandwiches and pastries for either sit-down or to-go. Around the corner lies Taglio’s Pizza, a spot particularly popular with Chaminade students that serves authentic, Roman-style square pizza. While these locations are easily accessible and enjoyable for Flyers, they also prove to be beneficial for the businesses of the restaurants, as Chaminade students are a consistent and considerable portion of their customers. 

The train is a form of transportation that is quick and convenient for students who are unable to get a bus or ride to Chaminade, and has proven to benefit students by lessening their workload at home. Mineola Station is one of the busiest on Long Island and connects lines stretching from east to west, while the various restaurants on Mineola Boulevard are great stops either before or after school that help out both students and businesses. The many lines and times provide a service that fits your schedule, and the recent renovations of the LIRR only further support this point. With all this in mind, it is not surprising why more and more Chaminade students are turning towards this traveling option as a means of getting to school.