CHS Catholic Art Contest

Flyers Challenged to Create Visual Representations of “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty”

Artwork by J. Alex Garcia 23

Brady Reis ’24

This past November, students at Chaminade High School participated in the “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” Art Challenge. Their task was to incorporate their own faith into a piece of art using a medium or design of their choosing. The challenge was advertised throughout Chaminade via the morning announcements, posters around school, classroom reminders, and even hallway conversations.

Mr. Justin Accordino, the moderator of Art Club, was one of the judges for the contest. He explained, “These three words in particular—truth, goodness, and beauty—are all driven by Catholic faith, and this is what we wanted to be reflected in the art.”

Having the art contest was a joint decision by Accordino and Chaminade President Bro. Tom Cleary, S.M. ’81. One of the goals of the contest was to give students the opportunity to express themselves artistically while also incorporating their unique understanding of faith. This was done in a variety of ways, one of which was through the types of mediums used.

“We chose three different artists, with three different mediums, as winners,” Accordino stated. “Oil paintings, digital art, and photography were all accepted.” This allowed students with different backgrounds to put their strengths and talents into the contest, in whatever style of art they know best; the ideas and combinations of submissions were endless.

Winners were recognized for their efforts. The podium consisted of Mario Mazzella ’25, J. Alex Garcia ’23 and Oliver Regalia ’23, all of whom were awarded prizes for their artwork.

They were judged on the following facets: creativity, medium, and depiction of their Catholic faith. Their reasoning behind the colors, use of shades and values, and sources of inspiration were just a few aspects that the artists considered for this contest. A brief depiction of how their faith ties in with the artwork may also have been included.

Garcia, the second-place finisher, provided some insight on the inspiration of his work, saying, “I was inspired by the sacrifice Jesus made for us on Good Friday.” His piece of digital art conveyed how this Biblical event is a central part of his relationship with God.

The art contest was just one of many opportunities for students to participate in the arts her at Chaminade. Already this year, Art Club has hosted events such as a pumpkin-carving contest and a gingerbread house contest. Another, more involved opportunity is the newly-added AP 2D Art and Design course for interested juniors and seniors.

When asked if there will be more opportunities for students to express themselves through art, Accordino exclaimed, “Yes! Chaminade Art Contest teaser posters are being hung up around the school. Stay tuned!”