Part of the Marianist Mission

The General Administration of the Society of Mary visited campus this past December, having meaningful conversations and spiritual experiences with Chaminade’s religious community, faculty, staff, and students.

Dylan Long ’23

The Society of Mary is dedicated to forming people and communities of faith through education. Marianist brothers operate schools around the globe, many of which are located in the United States. In order to stay connected to the mission, high-ranking members of the Society of Mary make sure to visit each one of these institutions. 

Headquartered in Rome, the Marianist General Administration oversees the entire Marianist order. The current General Administration consists of Fr. Andre Fetis S.M., the Superior General, Fr. Pablo Rambuad S.M., the General Assistant of Religious Life, Bro. Maximilian Magnan, the General Assistant for Education, and Bro. Michael McAward S.M. ’76, the Head of Temporalities.

This December, the Province of Meribah welcomed the General Administration to Long Island. Throughout the trip, the administration visited Kellenberg Memorial High School, St. Martin de Porres School, and Founders Hollow.

The administration’s very first visit, however, was Chaminade High School. When the members arrived, they were first greeted with a tour of the Flyers’ ever-expanding campus.

Former principal Bro. McAward, who now spearheads the financial and social justice aspects of the Society, remarked that the campus has made significant improvements since his last visit.

After the tour concluded, the General Administration sat down with faculty members who represent the various departments here at Chaminade. They also met with Faustino Club, the school’s vocations club, where they joined students in a conversation about the importance of vocations and how the current priests and brothers found their own vocations.

Aidan Weber ’23 reflected on the conversation, saying, “It was incredible to have the opportunity to sit down with Fr. Andre and share how the faith life at Chaminade has affected me. I appreciated his ideas on how we can continue our faith life in college and beyond, including how to bring the faith to other people.”

The administration then sat down with Campus Ministry’s student leaders and teachers, conversing with them about issues in the faith and how the Marianist pillars have helped throughout their lives.

During their stay, the General Administration made efforts to meet with almost every faculty and staff member in some capacity, visiting teachers, guidance counselors, department chairpeople, school administration, and even the board of advisors. They also met with each Marianist brother to talk about deepening their spiritual connection with Mary and the Marianist community.

At the end of each school visit, the General Administration reflects and makes a report on their findings and observations. As they departed for Rome for Christmas, they left the Chaminade family with some encouraging words.

The Administration reported that their “overall view of the Province, the life of its members, and its missionary activities is overwhelmingly positive.” They reflected on the outstanding quality of instruction, clear Marianist identity, involvement from the laity, and the numerous opportunities for engagement.

They found that the Marianist charism and zeal for Mary is apparent at Chaminade, and that our education system and spiritual life is thriving. The administration also commended Chaminade on new advancements, such as the Morning Star Initiative, that shine a light on Mary and promote high-quality Catholic education.

Chaminade undoubtedly left an impression on the General Administration as they remarked how Chaminade is a strong academic community with roots in faith and family. May the Blessed Virgin Mary continue to guide Chaminade on the road to Jesus Christ, through her.