New Teacher Feature: Ms. Cinnamo, Mrs. Madacsi, and Ms. Rindenow

For the 2022-2023 school year, Chaminade welcomed a plethora of new faculty members to its many departments. Three new faculty members are Ms. Cinnamo, Mrs. Madacsi, and Ms. Rindenow. 

Ms. Cinnamo – Sean Sweeny ’24

Chaminade’s Guidance department welcomes Ms. Michelle Cinnamo to their team. She graduated from Valley Stream North High School and attended Hofstra University. Ms. Cinnamo decided to come to Chaminade because of her love for the mission and mindset of the school. 

Ms. Michelle Cinnamo – Guidance

She appreciates Chaminade’s focus on receiving a well-rounded education and developing young men of strong character and faith. Ms. Cinnamo expands on this sentiment by sharing, “I love working in Guidance with students of all ages. It is very rewarding to be able to help students academically, socially, and emotionally in the hopes of them becoming the best versions of themselves.” The Guidance team at Chaminade is committed to accounting for each student’s well-being and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in high school and beyond.

“My favorite part of Chaminade is the family environment that we have here. From the moment I started working here, I have always felt very welcomed, and I know that the students feel that same care from the faculty and staff as well.” Explained Ms. Cinnamo. 

Family is vital at Chaminade, and each student, faculty member, and staff work together to provide a thriving working environment. Ms. Cinnamo’s appreciation for and commitment to carrying out this mission makes her an excellent addition to the Chaminade family as a guidance counselor.

The Chaminade family is happy to welcome you, Ms. Cinnamo. Thank you! 

Mrs. Madacsi – Matt DeFranza ’26

Mrs. Madacsi wasn’t always a teacher.

She started her career in the garment industry, traveling across the world from places such as Paris and Hong Kong for thirteen years. However, after her husband’s unfortunate passing, she decided to return to school and pursue a career in teaching so that she might have more time to be with her children. 

Mrs. Nadia Madacsi – Spanish

Now teaching for fifteen years, Mrs. Madacsi has developed a passion for teaching, which she describes as, in her own words, “love, incredible love.” In the past, she has taught at Hillcrest High School and Saint John Baptist. She came to Chaminade after her sons graduated, saying she has “always loved the school (Chaminade). So when her friend informed her of a job opening as a Spanish teacher at Chaminade, she couldn’t believe it. 

“I feel like I’m home,” she said, exclaiming how much she loves this school. Not only does Mrs. Madacsi love teaching, but she also loves the impact teaching can make on the modern generation. 

She shared a powerful quote, “you are my future,” which describes how teachers help create people who will one day provide for those same teachers through whatever profession they enter and pursue. 

When she’s not in the classroom teaching, Mrs. Madacsi loves playing tennis and spending time with her grandchildren. Besides her fluency in Spanish, Mrs. Madacsi speaks a small amount of French and Korean. 

We’re glad to have you here at Chaminade, Mrs. Madacsi!

Ms. Rindenow – Ryan Breen ’26

Ms. Rindenow is a new Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition teacher. Along with her teaching role, she is also a judge for the Speech and Debate Team and serves as an assistant moderator of Element Film Media.  

Ms. Rindenow shared that she was very shy while growing up, which limited her ability to maximize her high school experience. However, she overcame this challenge by involving herself in her high school’s theatre club, a decision which, in her words, “helped me find my voice.”

Ms. Jordan Rindenow – English

Ms. Rindenow has long been an avid reader. In fact, during each year of high school, she read about 70 books! This deep love of reading ultimately led her to Adelphi University, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in Education, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing.

After earning these degrees, Ms. Rindenow stayed on campus, teaching English classes at her alma mater, Adelphi University, for two years. Afterward, she would teach high-school English to juniors and seniors in Brooklyn before arriving at Chaminade this past summer.  

A Long Island native, Ms. Rindenow was familiar with Chaminade, but once she visited its campus, she gained a whole new understanding. 

“The culture here, I thought, was so positive,” she explained. “A lot of young men who graduated from here end up applying to work here; I think that speaks so highly about the environment.”

Ms. Rindenow views Chaminade as an incredible gateway through which young men can succeed and develop lifelong bonds with their peers. Having taught at the collegiate level, Ms. Rindenow prefers to teach juniors and seniors. She understands what expectations await them in college and hopes to prepare them for those challenges.

“The seniors, after four years of honing their skills here, challenge and push me to do better, just like how I push them,” Ms. Rindenow explained.

Welcome to the family, Ms. Rindenow!