New Teacher Feature: Dr. Hart, Mr. Gallery, and Mr. Crandall

Dr. Eamonn Hart ’13 – Math

By John Tarpey ’25

After attending Chaminade as a student from 2009-2013, Dr. Eamonn Hart ’13 has returned—this time  as an educator and the newest member of the mathematics department, teaching Pre-Calculus 10 and BC 1. In addition to teaching, he also serves as one of the moderators of the Math Club, which  meets Tuesdays after school. 

Hart grew up in New Hyde Park and attended public school up until 8th grade, before he  ultimately made his decision to come to Chaminade. Throughout his tenure at Chaminade, he  excelled academically and was extremely involved throughout the school, specifically in  extracurricular activities. Upon his graduation from Chaminade, he went to Adelphi University, where he graduated with degrees in mathematics and philosophy. 

When catching up with Hart about him being back at Chaminade, he talked about how his dad and brother both came here, and how he loved it when he was a student here. He has described wanting to be able  to pick up where he left off, stating “I am so happy that I got to come back here. I loved being here  as a student, and I made the most out of it, and hopefully I can have a positive teaching experience  here.”

Mr. Brian Gallery ’18 – Religion

By Luke Mildeberger ’26

Mr. Brian Gallery ’18 is a new addition to the freshman religion program. He grew up in Floral Park and wore the crimson and gold, graduating Chaminade in 2018. After high school, he packed up and went to Philadelphia to attend St. Joseph’s College. While attending St. Joseph’s, he was assistant moderator for the Hiking Club and Prep Club. In addition to an active extracurricular life, he majored in theology and leadership ethics and organizational sustainability. Now here at Chaminade, he is the assistant moderator for both Hiking Club and Emmaus. When asked what quotes he likes to live by, Gallery replied, “Be cheerful and strive to be happy…You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars. You have a right to be here.”

Mr. Matthew Crandall ’18 – Spanish

 By Matthew Braccia ’26 

Mr. Matthew Crandall ’18 is one of the newest additions to the world language department. This year marks his first year of teaching Spanish at Chaminade High School. 

Crandall grew up in Garden city and is a Chaminade alumnus of the class of 2018. After his time at Chaminade, he went on to attend Georgetown University. He graduated from Georgetown in 2022 with a bachelor of art degree. As a student, Crandall participated in many extracurricular activities including band, Spanish Club, French Club, Emmaus, Cross Country, and Track. 

Crandall has said he “wanted to become a Spanish teacher because he always loved the language of Spanish and wanted to be a language teacher.” He decided to teach at Chaminade, because he already knew and liked the community of Chaminade, and he enjoyed his time here as a student. Besides Spanish, Crandall also assists in moderating Emmaus and Band. Crandall finished the interview by saying “ I hope I can bring a passion for languages to all my students.”