Glee Club in Philadelphia

Photo courtesy of Elijah Scalere ’25

This past month, the Crimson and Gold Glee Clubs took a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to sing in front of a crowd at the Liberty Bell.

The club left Chaminade via bus in the morning and, upon arrival, went on a cruise around the harbor. The Glee Club then performed at People’s Plaza, located in the heart of Philly. Students performed renditions of several patriotic songs, including “A Tribute to the Armed Forces,” “God Bless America,” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” 

After their performance, the Glee Club finished up the trip by visiting the National Convention Center, where they watched a production about the Founding Fathers.

Andrew Loughlin ’23 described this trip as “a really cool experience for the club,” and referred to the Glee Club as “a brotherhood.” This unity is in part due to experiences like this trip to Philadelphia, which give the men the opportunity to grow as a club.

Furthermore, club moderator Mr. Gregory Gerner ’10 felt that the event was extremely important for the club: “It was great to get recognition for doing something like that, and it was great exposure for us as a group. We were able to come together and perform in front of lots of people.”

Gerner stated that the club looks to visit other cities and locations in the future, noting that he has hopes of traveling to Hershey Park next year and, eventually, visiting Italy to sing for the Pope.

Joseph Moran ’23 felt that the trip was a great opportunity to gain recognition for the club. “We have worked so hard and have been so committed as a group,” Moran stated, “and for us to get our name and message out there, and to get Chaminade’s name out there, that’s so special for not only us but for Chaminade as well.”

Based on the sentiments of those involved, it is clear that this trip to the City of Brotherly Love was a memorable moment for every member of the Glee Club. This performance was significant not only because the men were able to showcase their talents in front of a large crowd, but also because they got to do it together as brothers.