Flyers Take on Social Media

Jack Chitos ’23

In recent years, social media has made its way into everyday life. While it may seem that only celebrities or other famous people are putting out content, many “ordinary” people are also developing a popular social media presence. In particular, the TikTok app allows creators to post videos that range from 15 seconds to three minutes, and these videos have the potential to be seen by millions of people.

Two Chaminade High School seniors, Nick Russo ’23 and Jack Murphy ’23, have gained impressive followings through their social media accounts. 

Russo, also known as “The BEC guy,” created his account with the goal of finding the best bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on Long Island. In the early days of his account, Russo would only share reviews with friends and family. Joking between friends, however, led to someone convincing him to make a TikTok account that features these homemade videos.

Nick Russo ’23 is known by his followers as “The BEC Guy.”

Russo describes the origin of his brand, saying, “It started as a joke—a fun way to eat a breakfast that I enjoy. Soon, other people started to really enjoy it, too. It didn’t happen all at once, but I kept making videos because I had fun doing it.”

Russo continued to make videos highlighting different delis on Long Island, taking requests from viewers about where to visit next. His videos average around 35,000 views, and his account has grown to over 8,000 followers. This growth led to a partnership with “Locals Only,” a popular Long Island-based brand that sells clothing across the Island. Russo began working with Locals Only on their products, and in return they began sharing his videos.

Russo attributes his social media success to Long Island residents—and especially, his fellow Flyers. The sharing of his videos from one person to another has allowed him to create and build something he is passionate about. 

Murphy, meanwhile, started working at Gino’s Pizzeria of Williston Park around four years ago. He makes pizza, takes orders, and runs their TikTok account. 

Jack Murphy ’23 runs the social media account for Gino’s Pizzeria.

Murphy started managing their social media account about six months ago, when he convinced his boss that they should make TikToks to promote the business. His boss agreed, giving him full creative control of the account and the task of coming up with content.

The account posts a variety of TikToks, from videos of the pizza-making process to comical “pizza slap” skits. None, however, have been as popular as the series, “What not to do at Gino’s,”in which Murphy pretends to be a rude customer. The series has gotten millions of views and has boosted their account to over 87,000 followers. 

“We get people coming in all the time talking about how they’ve seen the videos,” Murphy stated, “and it really does promote the business.”

These two Flyers are examples of the rapidly-changing digital and social landscape, as they have the ability to connect with thousands of people through their content.