Athlete Spotlight: Duffy

A varsity swimmer for four years, Kieran Duffy ’23 will continue his athletic career next fall at Providence College.

Dimitri Donas ‘23

Kieran Duffy ’23 is among the numerous Chaminade High School Flyers who will be taking their talents to the next level as Division 1 college-athletes next year. Duffy is among the most skilled and hard-working athletes of the class of 2023, and his commitment to swim at Providence College is well-deserved.

Tarmac sat down with Duffy to discuss his journey as a swimmer, his experiences with Chaminade athletics, and his plans for the future. 

Tarmac: At what age did you start swimming competitively, and what were your feelings towards the sport initially?

Duffy: I started swimming competitively when I was seven years old on my CYO team. I started swimming for my club team when I was nine years old. Initially I did enjoy swimming, but I did it more for the social aspect and didn’t take it super seriously. I had fun at practice and meets but I didn’t put much focus on making myself better.

Tarmac: How has your experience as a Chaminade swimmer been these past four years?

Duffy: Being a Chaminade swimmer has been one of the best experiences of my life. Freshman year is when I started taking my swimming more seriously, and this was because of the support from my coaches and teammates here. The coaches make you want to get better. My desire to become a big contributor to the team was [the motivation] behind my quick progression in the sport throughout my high school years.

Tarmac: What do you do outside of the pool in order to improve as an athlete?

Duffy: Along with the long hours in the pool every week, I lift weights and do gym workouts 3-4 times a week to make myself stronger in the water. Recovery outside of training is also very important…Nutrition, sleep, and stretching are also very important to my athletic improvements.

Tarmac: When did you start to believe that Division I swimming was a possibility for you?

Duffy: After my sophomore season. I knew the time drops I had made put me in a good place…to get the results I needed in order to make Division I swimming a reality. Then, during my junior year, it started becoming real and I started talking to college coaches and visiting schools.

Tarmac: What are you looking forward to most at Providence College?

Duffy: I’m looking forward to joining the team and making new friends. A strong team atmosphere is something that was very important to me after my experience at Chaminade, and I believe that the atmosphere at Providence strongly resembles what I have been a part of here. I’m excited to get to Providence in the fall, but my team and I still have goals that we’re working to accomplish this season before I graduate.