Darby Players Fall Preview

Students Hope that Everything Will Go Right in “The Play that Goes Wrong”

Artwork by Jake Caras ’24

Alfonso Dimeo ’24

This fall, the Chaminade High School Drama Club is preparing for its newest production: The Play That Goes Wrong, a British comedy play by Michael Green, Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields. 

The show consists of two acts. The first act, called “Trapped,” is a short production that centers around actors who get trapped in their set. The second act is the actual “Play that Goes Wrong,” where the Darby Players pretend to be bad actors. It is the story of an ill-fated acting company and, true to its title, nothing seems to go right. The actors flub lines, set pieces fall apart, and actors even get knocked unconscious, all in one chaotic comedy.

Mr. Michael Bruno ’90 and Ms. Lindsay McCoy are organizing the production with high hopes; at the same time, however, they remain prepared for anything, as many obstacles have to be overcome before the big show.

Many technical issues, for example, arise when perfecting the props and comedic timing. Bruno explains, “The hardest part of the show is making sure that The Play that Goes Wrong goes right”

The Monty Python-esque humor is fast-paced and guaranteed to be entertaining, but the weight of the show does not just rest on the script—it also rests on the cast. This is a show that is ensemble-driven. It does not focus on one lead in particular, which makes this year (more than any other) a team effort. Confident in the cast’s abilities, Bruno observed that the students have “amazing chemistry to the point where you can’t get through rehearsal without laughing.”

Natalie Sweeney, a Sacred Heart Academy senior and cast member with four years of production experience, confirmed, “The cast this year has such great chemistry. mWe all work together for the show.” With more rehearsals to come, many are excited to see how the show evolves and, ultimately, to see the final production. When asked why students who missed out on past plays should see this one, McCoy said, “Everything you expect a show to be, it won’t. And if you can expect one thing, expect absurdity. It’s entertaining, captivating…everybody enjoys comedy.”

Everyone in the production—from the teachers running it, to the actors, to the production crew—are trying their best to put on an imaginative and fantastic show. With all the talent involved in the project, it is guaranteed to be a lively, energetic, and side-splitting production.

If you are still deciding whether or not to see this play, make the right choice this fall and go see The Play that Goes Wrong.

Shows are scheduled for Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased through the Chaminade website at http://www.chaminade-hs.org.