Activity Spotlight: The Chaminade Orchestra

Dylan Briody ’26

This upcoming year is an exciting one for the Chaminade High School orchestra. 

Its first performance was on Friday, October 1st at the Fall Open House, where the entire orchestra played for prospective students. This is a change from previous years, where only the experienced upperclassmen were invited to play. Each year, the orchestra’s Open House performance plays a vital role, as seventh and eighth graders interested in joining the orchestra get to see how current students have grown as players. 

Kenneth Fayad ’25 feels that he transitioned smoothly into the Chaminade orchestra, since coming from Kellenberg’s Bro. Joseph C. Fox Latin School, as he was able to easily catch on. Fayad remarked that he is especially excited for the upcoming Christmas concert. 

Timothy Stoeber ’26, describes his experience in orchestra as playing “harder music with a faster tempo.” He is excited, however, that he has seen improvements after only the first couple of weeks.

Mrs. Sally Zehnter, the orchestra conductor, is enthusiastic about this year as well. She is especially delighted to have a strong cello section; in fact, it is the biggest one she has had in four years. In addition, Zehnter is excited to finally play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme at the 2023 spring concert. She describes her thoughts on the orchestra, saying, “My favorite thing is hearing everyone’s progress. We sound terrible at the beginning of the year, and by the time we get to the Christmas concert, we sound amazing.” 

Zehnter also appreciates how everyone—freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors—gets the chance to interact with and learn from each other. 

It is never too late to join the orchestra. “I joined the orchestra this year, even though I am a senior,” says Sean Keane ’23. “And so far, it’s been a great experience. I can’t wait for the Christmas concert in December, the spring concert, and any other school event that we play at this year.” 

The Chaminade orchestra is a great addition to a student’s daily schedule. No matter what grade you are in, if you work hard at getting better at the violin, viola, cello, or bass, the Chaminade orchestra might just be the place for you.