The “ Chaminade Connect” Social Networking  Platform Unites Former Flyers

Members of the Class of 2021 reunite with Mr. Daniel Haslbauer ’11 after the annual Thanksgiving Mass.

Jonathan Pappas ’23

E​​very May, some 450 Chaminade High School men graduate from the place they called home for the past four years, and they begin the next phase in their lives.

For some of these men, the Chaminade community seems to fade after this moment. Many relationships are lost, and a man’s time in high school can become a distant memory.

However, a new social network platform allows for connections to stay alive and strong, even well after graduation. This network is called Chaminade Connect.

Chaminade Connect is a platform that allows Flyers alumni to connect with one another even after their high school experience has ended. This is beneficial for job opportunities in virtually any field.

The app also allows the alumni community to expand their professional network. If you are looking for someone to hire in your company and you want them to be a Chaminade alumni, this is the perfect network to use.

This also works the other way around: if you went to Chaminade and are looking for a place to work, you can use this site to assist you.

Dr. Daniel Summers ’08 stated, “ An alumni network creates opportunities to further your career in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

The platform also allows alumni to stay in touch with the general news of the school. For instance, if a special anniversary is coming up , Chaminade Connect has a feed that will notify you about it. Things like reunions and sports anniversaries are posted on the feed for all users to see.

This strengthens the connection between former Chaminade classmates. It also allows alumni to not only meet up for professional reasons, but for more casual, reminiscent get-togethers as well.

“As a rising senior in college, ” Luke Shevlin ’19 stated, “I’m about to start looking for post-graduate jobs. I plan on using Chaminade Connect because I know how strong the Chaminade alumni network is and how former Flyers are always willing to help one another.”

Ideally, this platform will have a ripple effect on the Chaminade community. The more involved that Chaminade alumni are with each other and the school, the better off Chaminade is.

Flyers, past and present, can work together to create great experiences such as meetings, presentations, and other innovations. This will affect the current student body and create a domino effect of school spirit and support.

Mr. Andrew Garcia ’16 added, “ As seniors leave Chaminade and start to forge their own paths, the ability to leverage connections and form relationship s is instrumental in laying the foundations of their own lives.

If there is one thing that CHS strives to represent and embody, it is unity. Fortes in Unitate, or “ strength in unity, ” is the school motto— and this social network helps make this motto even more of a reality. It provides Chaminade graduates with the ability to connect with each other and positively impact the school.

The Chaminade Connect platform demonstrates the fact that Chaminade never leaves you. Once a Flyer, always a Flyer.