Freshman Spirit Day: A New Tradition at Chaminade

By Ryan Nicol ‘25

The Class of 2025 enjoys a day of games, outdoor activities, and homeroom bonding.

On Thursday, October 28th, the Class of 2025 participated in Chaminade High School’s first annual Freshman Spirit Day. This new tradition was established to build on the camaraderie established during 3-C Week, as well as to help freshmen develop a tight-knit community with their homerooms. Each freshman received a t-shirt with a design picked out by their classmates and, after a morning prayer service, chose six out of seven possible competitions to participate in. 

The main events of the day were ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, European handball, and laser tag. For each event, the homerooms were either split in groups with about half of the homeroom in each, or they were able to play on two courts at once. The students utilized the Activity-Athletic Center (AAC), Ott Field, and Farber Field for their activities. 

Mr. Gregory Gerner ‘10, who organized the day, said, “Freshman Spirit Day created an atmosphere of some type of normalcy and camaraderie that the students have not had over the past two years.”

One of the day’s highlights was laser tag, which was held in the Wrestling Room of the AAC. Tents were set up with each team on one side. If a player’s three lives were all used, they were out of the game and rejoined their homeroom outside the Wrestling Room. With most winning teams only having a few players left, the homerooms would not know who won until their whole team of about seven had left, creating a tense environment outside of the room. 

In the AAC parking lot there were backyard games and games on a game truck. In backyard games, the two homerooms in that time slot played games with each other instead of against each other. Spikeball was the main backyard game played. Some other students also used the foam balls from spikeball to play football or throw them around like a baseball. The game truck, meanwhile, provided another non-competitive activity for students who wished to participate. 

The Class of 2025 took a class photo in the bleachers of Gold Star Stadium halfway through the day. After the photo was taken, they ate lunch, had ice cream, and headed back out for their last few games. When all of the games were over, they met on Ott Field for the final game: tug-of-war, which was played in a bracket. 

In the finals, the 1D Dudes faced off against the 1K Krispy Kreme. The Dudes won both rounds against the Krispy Kreme, winning the first annual Freshman Spirit Day at Chaminade.