Golf Club: Getting Back in the Game

At Golf Club meetings, members discuss a range of topics related to the game.

By Andrew Priolo ‘22

The Chaminade Golf Club has experienced a resurgence in popularity this school year. A long-standing student favorite, Golf Club does more than just talk about golf; it captivates the attention of students—even beginners—who have a burning passion for the game. In meetings this year, the club has already played “Golf Jeopardy,” as well as discussed the science of golf and the public’s recently renewed interest in the sport.  

Dr. Daniel Summers ‘08, former member and now moderator of the Golf Club, discussed the many thrilling opportunities and events which make the club far above par. 

Summers reveals that he did not expect over 100 students to sign up for the club, saying, “While I was hoping for some enthusiasm, the excitement from students has really blown my mind. I have already had to rethink many of the activities I had planned for the year, and while this has been a challenge, it truly is a great problem to have.” 

Summers sees this “problem” as a blessing in disguise, and he could not be more enthusiastic about it. He hopes that the enthusiasm and hype surrounding the golf club will carry throughout the school year, as he is more than happy to provide students with an opportunity to gather together. 

“As long as the students are enjoying themselves and having fun, I feel as if I have done my job,” said Summers. 

Daniel Smithwick ‘22, a four-year tenured member and co-president of the Golf Club, is equally excited about the revamped club.

Smithwick reflected, “It’s pretty cool, seeing how much we’ve grown over the years. After COVID-19 hit, I wasn’t sure that we would get this back. I could’ve never imagined the club being as popular and successful as it is now. I can’t wait for an exciting year for the Golf Club and I’m very thankful for the opportunity that we have been provided with.” 

When asked why students should be interested in joining Golf Club, Smithwick responded, “You should join the Golf Club if you have any interest in the game. If you enjoy playing, great. If you enjoy watching, awesome. If you want to learn about the great game, come on down! You don’t need any experience in the game to get something out of our club.” 

To “putt” it into perspective, Golf Club is brimming with intrigued and excited students who are looking to learn and have fun—and there’s no better time than now to join!