Football Coach Profile: Head Varsity Football

Coach Dolan supervises his players as they warm up before a game.

By Dylan Grismer ‘22

A successful high school football team must have many things: talented athletes, good facilities, a passionate fan base, and—most importantly—a passionate and dedicated coach. A good football coach should not only have proven success on the field, but should also be admired and respected by the young athletes he coaches. 

Head Varsity Football Coach Kevin Dolan ‘85 developed his passion for the sport at a young age. Both his father and older brother were successful football players. 

Wanting to have his own experiences on the field, Dolan began playing football for the Elmont Cardinals youth team. He credits this program with not only instilling in him a passion for football, but also inspiring self-confidence by allowing him to express himself physically and emotionally.

During his time at Chaminade, Dolan played football and lacrosse. Surprisingly, he never actually wanted to attend Chaminade, and even attempted to do poorly on the entrance exam to avoid coming to the school. 

However, almost forty years later, he can talk for hours about how much he enjoyed being a part of the Chaminade family, both as a student and a coach. 

When asked about his time as a student, Dolan credits Bro. Stephen Balletta, S.M. ‘74 for teaching him to take pride in being a great communicator, as well as for fostering his interest in writing. 

He also said that his faith life was drastically changed as a Chaminade student, explaining, “Although I come from a large Catholic family, we weren’t particularly religious. Chaminade instilled a deeper sense of faith, interest, and pride in being an active member of our Church, as well as a desire to share this gift with the people around me.” 

Dolan carries these important life lessons into his coaching by sharing his faith and passion with his players and peers.

After graduating from Chaminade, Dolan attended SUNY Cortland, where he continued his football career. After spending time coaching at both Lynbrook High School and New Hyde Park Memorial High School, he was hired as the head varsity football coach at Chaminade in 2016. 

Before coming to Chaminade each day at 3 p.m., Dolan also teaches physical education and serves as the Dean of Students at New Hyde Park.

These days, you can find Dolan assisting athletes in the Physical Fitness Center (PFC), calling out plays on Ott Field, or simply chatting with students. Wherever you go on campus, in-season or not, you are sure to find him helping the young men of our school.

Dolan reflected on what it has been like being the head coach at his alma mater, saying, “The people and the school environment are my biggest addiction to this job. Coaching at any school is all about creating relationships. Knowing all the players, spending time with the coaches, getting to know people, and showing interest in their lives creates trust, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships.”