Fall Crew Update

Chaminade Crew, Fall 2021

By Jackson Zullo ’24

This past weekend the Fall Crew season passed it’s halfway point with participation in the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, the world’s largest two-day rowing event. Due to the size of the event, Chaminade entered two eight-man boats and one four-man boat to row the 5km course on the famous Charles River. This course is infamous for its treacherous winds and the need for precise navigation skills by both the coxswain and rowers. Here is where the hard work and formidable strength of Chaminade’s Varsity team shone through. While all three of our boats showed fierce determination in a crowded field of experienced competitors, one boat shone above the rest.

The 1930, a boat named for the year our school was founded, finished thirty-second out of eighty-two strong competitors. This boat was coxed by Thomas Spatafora ‘23, and for the rowers we had Nicholas Fracasso ‘22 in the eight/stroke seat, Noah Marotta ‘22 in the seven seat, William Koran ‘22 in the six seat, Liam Auleta ‘22 in the five seat, Michael Callinan ‘22 in the four seat, Simon Kabasinski ‘22 in the three seat, Ryder Jones ‘22 in the two seat, and Andrew Stemberger ‘22 in the one/bowman seat. The “1930” boat rowed a highly respectable 16:12 five kilometer race, which is equal to 3.1 miles. Not only did the rowers in this boat perform remarkably, but the coxswain did as well. The course these athletes had to race included a tricky ninety-degree turn – this is where a crew can either make or break their race. The coxswain of the “1930”, Spatafora, along with his crew were able to perform this turn tactfully and put their boat above the rest.

Not to be overlooked, other members of Chaminade’s rowing team that participated in the Head of the Charles Regatta included:

John Hakes ‘24 – Coxswain 

Andrew Pizzardi ‘22

Frank Castrofilippo ‘23 

Daniel Johnson ‘23 

Michael McGoldrick ‘23 

Brendan Mattera ‘22

Alex Koch ‘22

Andrew Catinella ‘22

Timothy Robertson ‘22 

Chistopher Pitonza ‘22 – Coxswain 

Jack Koubek ‘22

Nicholas Piacentino ‘22

Fred Joseph ‘23

Jack Casamassima ‘22

Thomas Barbella ‘22

Crew is a great sport where teamwork is crucial. Each member relies on his fellow teammates. He learns from them, supports them, and grows with them as athletes, teammates, and friends. The outstanding performance by Chaminade’s varsity rowers inspires the underclassmen to work hard, fight and grind to be where they are today. Chaminade High School’s motto is “Fortes in Unitate” (Strength in Unity), which represents how the crew team continues to grow stronger through bonds and unity together.