Chaminade’s Open House: A Welcome Return to Normalcy

Dr. Karen Kuntz demonstrates how the Anatomage table works during Chaminade’s Open House.

By Chris Vesey ’24

Saturday, October 2nd’s Open House warmly welcomed potential Chaminade students to the school despite the pandemic. Held Saturday, October 2nd, this event showed potential candidates and their parents how Chaminade has advanced in recent years, with the inclusion of Advanced Placement courses (APs) and the relatively new Science Technology and Research Center (STRC). Throughout the tour, the parents and prospective students were informed about Chaminade’s various academic and athletic programs, and they were given a clear view of the extensive network of Chaminade Alumni, whom they might someday join. 

Although this year the tours were led by a teacher instead of allowing individual families to go through the circuit by themselves, it still remained relatively the same compared to years past, especially pre-COVID. As usual, the tours went through the majority of the building, the cafeteria, and the STRC, before finally crossing a display of the various clubs and activities Chaminade offers in the Activity-Athletic Center. The tour also highlighted many areas of the school, such as the Bloomberg Center encased in glass, ETV Studio, and the subterranean library. 

Mrs. Tina Carlstrom, in the Bloomberg Center, speaks to parents about the importance of financial literacy.

As with the Activity Fair, which occurred on September 24, clubs had stands with one to two club members on hand to show the non-academic side of Chaminade with student lead activities. The Culinary Club also gave batches of cookies despite the challenges of this and last year. Notably though, Glee Club was absent from their presentation, so Production Club members had to take their place to represent Glee. 

Mr. Haslbauer ’11 is a teacher within the mathematics department in Chaminade, and he plays an active role in many parts of the community. When asked about the Open House, Mr. Haslbauer stated, “I believe that the Open House did convince many people to go to Chaminade, despite new circumstances.” Despite all the challenges facing the education system throughout recent years, Chaminade High School continues to prevail and to show people the many wonderful opportunities open to members of this community. 

Senior Charles Ambach ’21 talks to visitors about being a member of Science Olympiad.

This first Open House was intended for any person who has taken an interest in Chaminade. Those interested in attending must take the Test for Admission into Catholic High School (TACHS), an entrance exam to be given on Saturday, November 6. Later in the year, Chaminade will hold another Open House specifically reserved for students who have been accepted. It promises to be another welcoming experience.