Summer Spotlight: Speech & Debate Camp

Chaminade’s speech and debate team poses for a group photo with their awards.

by James McKeever ’24

Before we entered Chaminade as freshmen, an online debate summer camp was offered to everyone.  I was very intrigued and wanted to try it out, so I did. 

This was one of the best decisions I have made at Chaminade, because it was very helpful in helping me learn how to start debating. 

I learned so many things that helped me to excel once actual debate started.  I learned a strong basis that helped me to succeed in the tournaments. 

Also, after doing the online summer program, I was able to start debating early in the school year.  All of this helped me to do well in the regular debate season, and I would recommend doing it.    

by Charles Bruno ’24

Over the summer, I joined the Speech and Debate Zoom Summer Camp that was offered by Chaminade. This decision was a good one.

During the camp, I was able to learn the structure of a debate, as well as many techniques used throughout it.

Older members of the team did an excellent job teaching the freshmen about debate and encouraging us to participate.

Now, in the second trimester, Speech and Debate is one of my favorite parts of Chaminade.

Thanks to this camp, I was able to jump right into the team and perform well in numerous tournaments.

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