Summer Spotlight: Podcasting Camp

Future podcasters take turns behind the mic as they hone their skills for the future.

by Aidan Kapoor

During the summer of 2020, I participated in Chaminade’s podcasting summer program. It served as a good introduction to podcasting and helped me learn more about the art of the genre.

I learned about a wide variety of podcasts, from news coverage to interviews with guests, as well as how to properly narrate a story.

I myself got to create my first podcast with my peers during the first session, which covered Minecraft’s latest update at the time – 1.16, the “Nether Update.”

During the process, I helped research, record, host, and edit the podcast. This provided me with some good background knowledge and experience in podcasting.

The program also helped prepare me for future work on the new branch of the Element Film ClubProject Palladium.

Sign up for this summer’s program here.