Language Clubs at Chaminade

Jesus Garcia ’23

Among the many clubs available for students to join, Chaminade’s foreign language clubs give students an insight into many unique cultures and traditions found all around the globe. Some clubs open for students include the Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin Clubs. These clubs explore their respective cultures with a distinctive lens through a multitude of different activities and presentations.

Spanish Club

Moderator: Mrs. Agosti

The Spanish Club explores the cultures and customs of the Spanish world in a variety of ways. The club meets on Thursdays in room 110 from 3:00 to 3:30. This club explores Spanish culture and languages through games such as Spanish Scrabble, in addition to presentations on the many aspects of Spanish life and history. On occasion, the club travels on field trips to venues that display Spanish culture, such as Noche de Colombia and El Museo del Barrio. They also make traditional Spanish foods such as obleas and mate. The Spanish Club seeks to provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Spanish culture and language. As Mrs, Agosti has said, “You can never learn a language without immersing yourself in its culture; language and culture are completely intertwined.”


French Club

Moderator – Mrs. Santiago-Espinal

The French Club’s purpose is to help members better understand French culture. Moderated by Mrs. Santiago-Espinal, the club meets on Wednesdays in room 113, and it runs from 3:00-3:30. In the French Club, members play French games, watch French movies, and also eat French food such as brioche. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to make short presentations on notable aspects of French culture. These range from history presentations to presentations about well-known French figures. According to French Club moderator, Mrs. Santiago-Espinal,Anyone who has an interest in francophone countries and cultures are welcome, even if they are not taking French at Chaminade.”


German Club

Moderator – Mr. Fitzgibbon

The German Club exposes students German culture and language, and they meet in room 115. This club offers the opportunity for students to improve on their German language skills, in addition to teaching about German culture and tradition. Club activities include watching the news in German, play German games, and more.. Students may also make and share presentations to the club. We are fortunate to continue to provide an opportunity for students with interests in German to pursue those studies”


Latin Club

Moderator – Mr. Maddock

The Latin Club is all about sharing Roman culture and learning about its impact on civilization to this day. Students may explore the Roman’s influence on the modern world and how things have changed through a variety of presentations on mythology, architecture, the foundations of Rome, Church Latin, and many other aspects of Latin culture. Latin club members have gone on trips to Latin Masses, and they are planning trips to a Museum, as well as a retreat to Founder’s Hollow. Latin club students learn all about the Roman impact on not just civilization, but also the Church. As Mr. Maddock has put it, “Just as Roman civilization affects everyone today, the Latin Club is not just for students taking Latin. It is for everyone here at Chaminade, just like the Church.”


Chinese Club

Moderator – Mr. Walsh

The Chinese Club shows students the culture of China and the many traditions it holds. The club meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-3:45. This club teaches students more about culture than overall academics, but does teach members about calligraphy, or the practice of writing in Chinese characters. Along with that, the Chinese Club will occasionally indulge in traditional cuisine, celebrating Chinese New Year, for example, by eating dumplings and drinking tea. Additionally, members may listen to a variety of Chinese music from classical to pop, along with watching some Chinese Movies. There are also field trips to places like Flushing and Chinatown, and students have done presentations on such topics as vacations to China, China’s politics, and the practice of tai chi. As Mr. Walsh says, “Chinese club is more about showing how close China is as close to as America in culture and the way we live, and it makes China more accessible to the students.”