Chaminade Opens Its Doors to Future Flyers: The 2019 Open House

By John D’Ambrosio ’21

On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Chaminade held its annual open house for prospective students and their families. The open house showcased Chaminade’s innovations in the fields of educational technology, business, and science. In addition to the recent achievements, future students were exposed to a wide variety of after-school activities and athletics.

An important feature of the open house presentation was the effort to show the prospective Flyers what their Chaminade experiences would be like. Over the past few years, the learning at Chaminade has seen vast modernization: we have now centralized the student interface on the iPads, and the incorporation of other technology, such as the Apple TVs and the all-new Bloomberg Business Lab, has helped to enhance the experience of both students and faculty. Throughout the tour, Chaminade students were displayed actively doing homework, studying, and taking notes on their school iPads. The tour exhibited what day-to-day life at Chaminade is actually like to the families and future students.

Two of the most exciting and innovative parts of Chaminade are surely the Science Technology and Research Center and the Bloomberg Business Lab. The STRC fascinated visitors with its modern design and unique appeals such as the hanging Foucault’s Pendulum and the living wall. The tour in the STRC began on the first-floor atrium and showcased the specialized labs that Chaminade students have at their fingertips. Thomas DeCanio ’21 noted, “It was great to see the visitors so fascinated by the opportunities presented to them in the STRC.” The Bloomberg Business Lab was another eye-catching attraction. Having twenty individual terminals, Chaminade’s “trading floor” has more terminals than the Harvard Business School and the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame University combined. These new and innovative aspects of collaboration served as highlights of the tour for many families.

20_open house_0021

After the tour ended, prospective students and their families went to the Activity-Athletics Center to check out all of the sports and clubs offered at Chaminade. The AAC tour displayed information about our most prestigious sports teams such as lacrosse and soccer in addition to the more unique sports like riflery and bowling. Many clubs were also represented in the AAC. These clubs involved STEM, social studies, literature, religious activities, and a multitude of other niche activities.

Ultimately, the open house showed the multi-dimensional offerings provided at Chaminade. Chaminade has more to offer than just a stellar education, as the athletics, extracurriculars, and opportunities provided are some of the most competitive of their kind. Chaminade incorporates faith into every corner of student life, and culminates in an education that creates a complete foundation and provides a multitude of tools for students to use for the rest of their lives.