The Universal Call to Prayer: Chaminade to Hold Vocation Prayer Service on September 27

By Andrew Donnelly ‘20

The vocation crisis in the Catholic Church poses a serious threat to our church’s ability to spread the gospel. Not all Catholics are meant for religious life; however, all Catholics should recognize the necessity and importance of such vocations. This is why Chaminade High School is hosting a prayer service for vocations to religious life and the priesthood on Friday, September 27, 2019 in Darby Auditorium. 

          The service is open to young high school and college age men and women from all over Long Island—the event is not exclusive to Chaminade students. The event will be run by the Marianists along with the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The prayer service will begin with Eucharistic adoration of our Lord—the pinnacle of our  Catholic tradition. After this sacred time, witness talks in the auditorium will be held. Talks will be given by a member of the Sisters of Life, members of the Marianist order, as well as a diocesan priest or bishop. After this time of reflection and prayer, the young men and women in attendance will partake spirited games of dodgeball, and finish the evening with a meal in the cafeteria. In addition to all this, music will be provided by Kellenberg Memorial High School XLT Band.

          The main purpose of the Vocations Prayer Service is to pray for vocations to religious life and the priesthood. Those who are interested in pursuing this vocation in life are highly encouraged to attend, as you will have the opportunity to talk with dozens of members of the religious life and priesthood about your purpose. 

The event, however, is not at all limited to those who want to enter into these vocations; we all have a common interest that the Church remains strong. This service is for everyone that recognizes the need for young people to enter the religious ranks.


          There is a clear shortage of people that enter in religious life. Chaminade’s goal is not to convince students to enter religious life; it is to foster an environment that allows students to follow their hearts. Too many young people will not consider priesthood or religious life due to societal pressure, but Chaminade High School seeks to relieve that pressure that is preventing men and women from recognizing God’s purpose for them.

          “God calls us, and that call has to be nurtured by friends, family, and classmates,” mentioned Bro. Stephen Balletta, S.M ‘74. “We sometimes refer to that as a culture of vocations, and that’s what we are trying to promote by having this holy hour.”

          God calls us all to different vocations, but regardless of what God has planned for you, it is important to pray that everyone listens to God’s plan for him or her. The holy hour for vocations to the religious life and priesthood allows us to come together as a community and pray to God to inspire young people with vocations to serve him. Not everyone is called to the same future—but we are all called to sainthood. God did not create us in his image and likeness for spiritual mediocrity, but rather he created us to emulate Jesus Christ.

          For this reason, all students here at Chaminade and across Long Island are highly encouraged to support the cause of Catholic vocations through prayer at this holy hour.