What A Ride! Juniors Travel to Great Adventure for Annual Class Trip

By Aidan Cappellino ’20

Before the season of comprehensive-exam preparation of the next few weeks, the junior class took a much-needed break last Wednesday–traveling to Jackson, New Jersey to enjoy the excitement of the Six Flags Great Adventure Park.

On the morning of the trip, the juniors came to school in casual clothes, eliciting double-takes from the underclassmen.  After homeroom, the eleventh graders boarded coach buses bound for a day of camaraderie and memories. Upon their arrival at Six Flags, the Flyers were granted two items: an admission ticket, giving them access to the park, and a meal voucher, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy free food at several different park restaurants. The students and their teachers were free to enter the park and enjoy their day off from school.

The class of 2020 essentially had total freedom to explore and experience anything Six Flags had to offer.  Students could hang out and talk on the benches, ride the roller coasters, or visit one of the many eateries on the premises. Some took a different and more exciting approach. Following the lead of Coach Cole, students sprinted from ride to ride in order to maximize fun-time efficiency and make the most of their time before a 4:15 dinner and subsequent departure.

Throughout the day, groups of new friends and old shared many adventures. The carnival games, the dizzying Kingda Ka and El Toro roller coasters, or the rare animals of the safari attraction provided the juniors with plenty to see, experience, and share. Courage and strong stomachs were on display at the most intense rides in the park. Many students frequented the ever popular Nitro, El Toro, Batman, and Superman rides due to their exhilarating drops, twists, turns, and speeds. Moreover, only the most courageous souls sought to conquer the most intimidating ride the park has to offer–Kingda Ka. Known for its sky-scraping height and intense speeds, the roller coaster stands at almost four-hundred-and-sixty-feet, reaching a speed of 130 mph at its maximum velocity, and includes a ninety-degree drop after reaching its highest point.

At 4:15 P.M., the juniors gathered at the Six Flags’ catering hall for a class dinner. The guys devoured salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, soft drink or water, and, of course, ice cream for dessert.  After breaking bread and enjoying each other’s company, the class of 2020 cleaned up and returned back to the buses for the trek back to Chaminade.

Overall, the junior class trip to Six Flags granted students the chance to free themselves from the stresses of school and enjoy the friendships they’ve forged throughout the past three years.  “I had a really good time on the rides, especially El Toro, and enjoyed being able to hang out with my close friends outside of the usual school setting. The trip made me that much more excited for the trip to Disney next year,” said Mike Perrone ’20 on his Six Flags experience.