Scientific Discoveries: Science Research Club Hosts Annual Symposium

By Jack Terry ’21

On Wednesday, May 8, the Science Research Club held its annual Science Research Symposium in the Dolan Family Science, Technology, and Research Center.  The convention was the culmination of months of research and experimentation performed by members of the Science Research Club. The students displayed their final results and discussed the implications of their research to various faculty members. The projects covered a wide variety topics, from chemistry and biology to robotics and physics.  The work of Jack Terry ’21 (Circadian Rhythm and the Per3 Gene) and a group project by John Rieger ’21, Brennen Steinborn ’21, and Jean Paul Duchatellier ’21 (The Effects of Vaping Chemicals on Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance) were featured prominently for their recognition at the prestigious Long Island Science Congress on April 10th.  Jack Terry, whose project was centered on the genetic basis of our body’s “internal clock,” discovered that a gene believed to be associated with such a system actually had no correlation to our function.  John Rieger, Brennen Steinborn, and Jean Paul Duchatellier investigated the potentially harmful effects of a recent teen trend: vaping. The group performed tests on a colony of bacteria to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the chemicals involved in vaping could be detrimental to one’s health.  

Conor Burns ‘22 and Kyle Raymond ‘22 display their work (Effects of Herbicides on Water Bug Populations)

“I like that we are testing relevant topics,” explained John Rieger, “That way, our research is actually meaningful.”  

Friends, family, and teachers were all in attendance to view the students’ work.  The symposium provided a great opportunity for Chaminade to display the best of its scientific minds.

Jack Schelin ’21, a student that stopped by to view some of the projects, noted, “It was great to see all the work.  I think that I actually learned a lot.”

Members of the Science Research Club pose in the Dolan Family Science, Technology, and Research Center, where the symposium was held.

The symposium was the perfect finale of the club’s intense and exciting year in the new science center. This year, the club hosted the school-wide science fair in February, and students travelled across Long Island for different competitions.  Aspiring scientists Jackson Schmidt ’22, Michael Micalizzi ’22, Matthew Aljader ’22, and Joseph Andruzzi ’21 participated in “Medical Marvels,” a scientific competition hosted by Northwell Health whose focus this year was vaping. For juniors and seniors, the “Spark! Challenge” introduced them to many different careers in healthcare.  At the end of the competition, students were required to collaborate with team members to make a career advertisement and present their work to a team of judges. Special thanks are given to Dr. Kuntz and Dr. O’Neill for organizing the symposium and directing Science Research Club for the year.