3 Up, 3 Down: May 10, 2019 Edition

By Jack Sadler ’21

3 Up

AP Testing Continues

One of the biggest changes to the Chaminade curriculum this year was the addition of AP level courses. These advanced classes are offered to a select group of students and provide them  the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Each AP class culminates with an extensive AP Exam. The first AP test of the year was given this past Monday, May 7, and they will continue into next week.

Rosary Prayer Service

Next Thursday, May 16, homerooms will begin the day with the annual Rosary Prayer Service. Chaminade provides every student with a Rosary, and in an extended homeroom period, students are guided through the entirety of the prayer. This experience is yet another opportunity for students and faculty to share a faith experience as a group..

Catholics for Life Picnic

Members of Catholics for Life will be celebrating another year of success with a picnic after school next Friday, May 17. The club works to defend basic human rights in all stages of life. Throughout the year, the club has participated in events such as the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. and volunteering in soup kitchens. After a year of helping others, the club will play field games, enjoy a picnic, and enjoy camaraderie.

3 Down

Last Day of Senior Exams

The academic portion of the Class of 2019’s Chaminade careers has officially come to a close. As the final Comprehensive Exam concluded on Wednesday, May 8, the seniors exited the building knowing the that, after four years of studying, they were finally done. The streets were lined with family and friends who all came to congratulate the senior class on their hard work throughout high school. It is not easy to stay dedicated for four years, so the seniors should be very proud of themselves.

Junior Ring Ceremony

On Thursday, May 9, classes ended early for everyone but the juniors. Instead, the Class of 2020 went to the auditorium to receive their school rings. The school ring symbolizes unity among the current class as well as a connection to all the classes of the past and future. When alumni see another man with a Chaminade ring, they understand where they came from and recognize the values they were taught to practice.

Science Research Symposium

Students gathered in the STRC on Wednesday afternoon to attend the Science Research Symposium. Throughout the year, members of the Science Research Club have been working hard to design and conduct their own experiments. These experiments answered questions ranging anywhere from “What study method best fits your personality type?” to “What does vaping do the body?”. Members of the club showed their experiments to faculty, family, and fellow students.