3 Up, 3 Down: March 15, 2019 Edition

By Ryan O’Connor ’19 and Jack Viscuso ’21

3 Up

Spring Play Continues

Tonight, the Drama Club will open their spring musical, Into the Woods, which follows the adventures of classic fairytale characters whose missions become tragically intertwined. Casting for the show began over Christmas break, and the Production Crew has been constructing the sets and scenery since January. “It’s really rewarding to see the audience appreciate the time and effort that is put into the show. Many people don’t realize that weeks of rehearsal are dedicated to dealing with the technical side of things,” remarked Jackson Kobylarcz, a member of the crew. There are additional shows on March 16, 22, and 23, and tickets can be purchased for $5 here.

Communion Breakfast

On Sunday, March 17, there will be a freshman and junior communion breakfast at 7 A.M. The morning will begin with Mass in Darby Auditorium and then, the families will enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet in the Activity-Athletic Center. The following weekend, sophomores and seniors will have the opportunity to take part in the communion breakfast too.


Final Week of Lenten Food Drive

Next Friday, the G.S.O Lenten Food Drive will end. The cans collected will be donated to surrounding parishes and food pantries. Students are reminded to “Be a man and bring in a can!” The drive will allow students to make a positive step forward in the Lenten theme of sacrifice and make a worthwhile contribution to their community.

3 Down

Senior Blood Drive

Today, members of the seniors class donated their time to give blood to the New York Blood Center. As a result of their dedication and contributions, over 100 pints were donated. The surrounding area will benefit greatly from this drive as it is in great need for blood. “The blood goes right to people who need their lives saved and not a single drop is wasted” said Mr. Vincent Jeffrey ’04. The next blood drive at Chaminade will be for the junior class on Friday, May 10th.

Encountering Christ

Last night, the sophomore class experienced Encounter, a sophomore evening of recollection. The evening began in the Activity-Athletic Center where teams competed in games of European Handball. Afterwards, the sophomores enjoyed a dinner of chicken heros and gathered in Hearst Auditorium for an hour of Eucharistic adoration and reflection. “The evening provided a great opportunity to spend some time with my classmates and reconnect with God,” exclaimed Tristan Yu ’21.

On their Way to Wisconsin!

Last weekend, debaters competed at CFL Debate Elims at Kellenberg High School. Peter Vouthas ’20, Charlie Weiler ’20, and Christian Borruso ’19 each qualified, earning three of the six spots available. Tomorrow, speakers will compete at Roslyn High School in various categories. “I’m confident that the team will perform well and hopefully, many of us will spending our Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee,” commented Michael Bellia ’21.