Well-Rested: Freshman Class Focuses Their Faith

By Nico Iacono ’22

On Thursday, February 7th, over 200 freshmen stayed after school for Restless, a freshman night of recollection. Students reported to the Activity-Athletic Center at 4:15 PM with their homerooms to take part in the various activities organized by teachers and upperclassmen. Some of these activities included dodgeball, speedball, trivia, a bible hunt at the Saragossa Retreat House, an obstacle course in the Physical Fitness Center, and Heads Up!  Students competed to earn points for their respective homerooms, and they bonded through friendly competition and teamwork.

After participating in the events, the students got ready to eat together. Tables along the AAC track were filed with hungry students who were ready to devour their dinners. After prayer, groups of students were chosen to go up and get a chicken sandwich, as well as the their choice of chips and a drink. The atmosphere was very pleasant, as it was full of laughter and conversation. Throughout the dinner, students proceeded for second, third, and even fourth helpings.

Students compete in a game of dodgeball in the Activity-Athletic Center.

Soon, the students progressed into Hearst Auditorium for Holy Hour.  Everyone sang along with the guitarist while filing into their seats. Soon after, the Eucharist was brought onto the altar, and students spent the next 45 minutes in silence—listening to the quiet around them and inside their souls. After this silence, Mr. Gregory Gerner ’10 gave a firsthand account of his own experiences with the power of prayer and the Church.

Mr. Michael Foley ’99 concluded the night by encouraging the students to grab a chocolate chip cookie for their travels home and to thank their parents for allowing them to take part in Restless. The evening provided students with the opportunity to clear their minds from stress, school, and everyday problems. Additionally, Restless allowed students to speak with God, have a good time, and appreciate the company of their peers.

Students face off in a game of European Handball to earn points for their homeroom.

Alex Hawkins ’22 expressed his appreciation of the night, saying, “I had a really good time, and the evening allowed us to interact with our classmates. There are now many more familiar faces in the hallway than before.”  

The teachers too appreciated the night and its meaningful purpose. “It was a great opportunity for freshmen to come together as a class, and it seemed like everyone had a great time,” noted Mr. Patrick Reichart ’01.

Restless was certainly a success that resulted in newly formed friendships, excitement for homerooms, interaction with God, and spiritual recollection for the entire freshman class.