The 48th Annual Science Fair: An Old Tradition in a New Building

Mr. Casey Giordano ’93 analyzes a student’s project.

By Jack Sadler ’21

On February 14, Chaminade students from all divisions participated in  the 2019 Science Fair. The event allows students from Chaminade’s various science classes a chance to present their science projects to others and to share their findings. This showcase was the 48th science fair at Chaminade, and recent fairs have emphasized the expanding world of research and technology.

Michael Perrone ’20 and Aidan Cappellino ’20 (l.-r.) display their project investigating the effects of salt on water’s conductivity.

This year was the first time the science fair was hosted in the new Dolan Family Science, Technology, and Research Center, commonly known as the STRC. The building has been a five-year project, leading up to full student use at the beginning of this school year. The completion of this building sparks excitement for many of our clubs, including the Robotics Club, Science Club, and Science Olympiad, which have all become very popular in recent years. Bro. Benjamin Knapp, S.M. ’93 was very delighted about the opening of the new building, exclaiming, “Hopefully, being able to experiment in this building can help light the spark for some of these young scientists to try to do big things in the science world.” The new landmark symbol of Chaminade’s improvement has vastly contributed to the effort and excitement that students put into their science fair projects this year.

The morning of the fair, students set up their presentation boards, which contained graphs of their experimental results and real-life application of the findings. At the completion of the school day, students participating in the fair walked over to the STRC to present their projects. Parents, students, family, and friends were all invited to examine the projects. Throughout this time, the judges, and members of the Chaminade faculty, evaluated all 77 projects. Finally, everyone gathered on the top floor of the STRC for the awards ceremony. The winners of the fair are as follows:

Best in Biology – Nick LaRocca ’22

Best in Chemistry 10 – Collin Fisch ’21

Best in Chemistry 11 –  Josef Schindler ’20

Best in Show – Vincenzo Montoni ’20

Michael Bellia ’21 poses for a photo next to his science fair board on a project about plant growth and microwave radiation.

All of the students were elated and appreciative to have been given the opportunity to participate in the fair. Kieran Winthrop ’21 commented, “Lately, science has become more and more important, both in school and in the world, and being able to show others our own science experiments can get students excited about science.” At the end of the day, the students participating in the fair were filled with a renewed enthusiasm for science and were proud to have displayed their weeks of diligent experimentation.