Nearing the First Trimester Exams!

By the Tarmac Staff

As Christmas and the new year are approaching, there is only one thing remaining between Chaminade students and their break—trimesters. Considering that they account for 33% of our first-trimester averages, it is natural to feel anxious and nervous. To aid in your studies, the Tarmac Staff has compiled a list of helpful tips and reminders to succeed on your exams.

Owen Barthel ‘19

Allocate Enough Time to Study

While you’ve probably heard this a million times, try spreading out your studying into multiple, short intervals. Instead of overwhelming your brain by cramming in your studying at the last minute, spaced-out study periods will allow you to process the information in a more efficient manner.

Andrew Donnelly ‘20

Take Regular Breaks as You Study

Although you might think that studying for many hours at a time is a good thing, in reality, it’s counterproductive. If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t just run 26 miles, but rather run further and longer every day. The same is true for studying, and taking regular breaks will provide an opportunity for your brain to retain and utilize what you just reviewed.

Nicholas Sathi ‘20

Minimize Distractions

When you study, put away your phone and all other electronic devices that prevent you from focusing. According to the University of Connecticut, “Letting those distractions get the best of you will be detrimental to your grades and only extend your studying time.”

Jackson Kobylarcz ‘21

Ensure You Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an essential and undervalued part of performing well on exams. Getting adequate amounts of sleep yields even greater benefits on exams than staying up all night to study. A minimum of seven hours of sleep per night starting a few days before the tests is a reasonable goal.

Kevin Placide ‘21

Utilize the Apps on Your iPad

Our iPads have many useful applications to study material more effectively. Apps, such as Quizlet, allow you to make digital flashcards to test your knowledge about different topics. You can also use Notability to white out answers on your past exams and to retake old assessments. Don’t forget to use alarms or timers to keep your pace while studying. You might even want to try making a review sheet on Google Docs by collaborating with your peers.

Jack Viscuso ‘21

Retake Old Exams

Taking past exams to assess your current knowledge enables you to identify certain areas where you need to dedicate the most time studying. This practice will help you to identify specific material and topics you have mastered as well ones you still need to review.

The days leading up to trimesters are a stressful time for Chaminade students, especially freshmen, but implementing some of these tips can help you study more efficiently and perform better on the exams.

Be sure to reference the dates below for a schedule of the trimesters:

Monday, December 17 – Religion and Social Studies  

Tuesday, December 18 – English and Language

Wednesday, December 19 – Science and Mathematics

Thursday, December 20 – Make-up exams

Friday, December 21 – Make-up exams

Best of luck to all!