Let’s Get Colorized: Juniors Gather for Their Annual Evening of Recollection

By Luke Valentino ’21

           Last week, the junior class attended their annual night of recollection known as Get Colorized. The event served as an opportunity for the juniors to satiate both their physical and spiritual hunger through a delicious dinner, followed by a series of talks on faith and life experience.

          To begin the evening, the juniors gathered in the Activity-Athletic Center for a communal dinner, which consisted of a build-your-own-burger station with an abundance of toppings to enjoy. Curly fries and drinks rounded out the meal. While indulging themselves, juniors had a chance to talk with their friends and teachers and enjoy their time together.

Juniors smile for a photo while enjoying their dinner.

                    After the juniors enjoyed their fulfilling meal, they assembled in Hearst Auditorium for an opportunity to listen to three speakers: Mr. Michael Dolce ’99, Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ’77, and Mr. Peter Carriero ’96.

Bro. Ryszard Decowski, S.M. ‘77 delivers a speech on overcoming obstacles in his life.

         During the reflections in Hearst Auditorium, the students gained an understanding of how the three speakers dealt with some difficult situations they encountered in their lives, such as loss and adversity. The theme of the reflections was “Things That Didn’t Go My Way.”

          Ultimately, the evening’s goal was to share some advice and support with students when life does  not go as planned. Many juniors talked later about how impressed they were with the speakers’ candor and insights.  Eucharistic adoration provided a fitting conclusion to the evening as the juniors had time not only to reflect on the lessons and themes of the evening but also to thank God for the opportunities they have all been given.  As with other Evenings of Recollection, Get Colorized was a great occasion for community and prayer that the juniors truly appreciated.