The First Chapter: Freshmen Take on 3C Week

Patrick Mavrakis ’22 and Joseph Mauro ’22 of homeroom 1H pose for a picture at orientation.

By Nicolas Baylis    

Another school year has arrived, signifying Chaminade High School’s welcoming of the next generation of Chaminade men. Nearly 500 students of the Class of 2022 arrived at 3C Week with mixed feelings of excitement and worry as they embarked on the first chapter of their high school years.

“3C Week is an integral part of their freshman year,” said homeroom 1J moderator Mr. Daniel Haslbauer ’11. “It’s a time for them to be introduced to Chaminade,” he added.

On August 27, the new students and their parents were welcomed to the students’ new home for orientation. Following a quick presentation in Darby Auditorium, the freshmen gathered in their homerooms, meeting their fellow students, senior leaders, and homeroom moderators for the first time.

In their homerooms, the new Flyers quickly got to work preparing for the upcoming school year, as they configured their iPads, finished up paperwork, and learned to open their lockers. Meanwhile, their parents met and socialized with each other at a welcome party in the AAC.

Bro. Thomas Cleary S.M. ’81 shakes the hands of the newest Chaminade men.

After a night’s sleep, the freshmen returned on Tuesday for the first day of a new, slightly modified 3C Week. These newest Chaminade men began to learn the layout of the school as they made their way to various special classes throughout the week. In their classes, they explored the “3C’s” of confidence, community, and commitment, learning what it means to become a true “Chaminade Man.”

Additionally, they were introduced to Chaminade by learning about the

Mr. Peter Warner welcomes his son, Patrick, an incoming freshman in the Class of 2022, into the Chaminade family at orientation.

school’s guidance department and various media outlets. They also discussed time management and iPad proficiency. As the week progressed, the freshmen became increasingly confident about the four academic years ahead of them.

“My 3C Week made me feel content with my decision to join the Chaminade family,” explained Brandon Mosiurchak ‘22.

Though the new classes provided the students with great insight into what Chaminade will be like in the future, the highlight for the majority of the freshmen was the camaraderie and competition found in the 3C program’s athletic component. They bonded with their homeroom teammates, with whom they will be spending the next four years of their Chaminade careers, as they competed on the basketball courts, in the pool, and on the soccer field.

Two freshmen homerooms compete in an intense game of dodgeball.

All of the freshman homerooms competed for the highly-coveted 3C Week Trophy. After three days of fierce competition in the various sports, homeroom 1N reigned victorious over all other homerooms. Homeroom pride ran rampant for homeroom 1N as the Nighthawks raised their trophy at the closing ceremony on Thursday afternoon.

“Because of the wonderful people I met and the fun I had, I feel so excited and ready for the rest of the year,” Dereck Morales ‘22 reflected about his experience.

As these Flyers progress through their time at Chaminade, the first chapter of their high school story will become a cherished memory. As these freshmen worked hard to prepare for the upcoming school year, they also began to create a brotherhood on the fields, at the lunch tables, and in the classrooms.

After this week of bonding and preparation, the freshmen were confident, ready to start the new school year, and eager to dive into their high-school experience.

The Class of 2022 gathers in the AAC for their first-ever class picture.