Giving The Gift of Life: Juniors Participate in Annual Blood Drive

The Chaminade High School Annual Junior Blood Drive in action! Pictured here are New York Blood Center phlebotomists working at the drive with Chaminade students ready to donate their blood.

TBy William Fuschillo ’20


In donating blood, one has the power to drastically change another life for the better. Without blood transfusions and their ability to save lives, according to the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the annual American death toll would increase by 4.5 million.

Recognizing this sad truth, hundreds of juniors participated in the annual Junior Blood Drive, held on May 4. Organized by Mr. Vincent Jeffrey ’04, the drive produced great results, as hundreds of pints of blood were provided to health care centers across the metropolitan area.

Juniors assembled in the gymnasium, where workers from the New York Blood Center had set up for an eventful day. Due to necessary protocol, before giving blood, all donors filled out a quick survey concerning their medical and travel histories. Medical professionals also conducted physicals. After having their temperature, pulse, and blood pressure tested to be considered viable donors, willing juniors were allowed to donate. Afterward, contributors were given snacks and plenty of water to recuperate before heading back to class.

For the majority of the donors, it was their first time giving blood. Many of them had positive feelings about the experience, understanding the good deed they committed. Miles Ventura ‘19, who donated blood for the first time, felt light-headed afterward, but was happy to do what he did. “Even though I felt sick, I was proud to donate blood and help those who are suffering,” he said.

Robert Germano ‘19 shared similar thoughts, saying, “Although I have a small fear of needles, I want to assist the millions who are truly in need. Much of today’s medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from healthy donors, and we helped fill that gap.”

The generous donations of these students will have a tremendous impact on millions of people. Having joined the effort to save lives worldwide, these students truly embody the qualities of the Chaminade Man, as they have lent a helping hand to those in need.