Takeoff: Meet Ms. Kayley Mavridis, Chaminade’s New Spanish Teacher

By Tristan Poisson ’20

This year, Chaminade welcomed a new language teacher, Ms. Kayley Mavridis, to the staff. After a year of teaching both sophomores and juniors, she, like plenty of other new teachers, has much to reflect upon.

Ms. Mavridis attended Saint Michael’s College in Vermont and Washington State University. However, her story goes back further than college, where she discovered a passion for language from her middle school Spanish teacher, Ms. Groeber.

As Ms. Mavridis explains, “Ms. Groeber was really enthusiastic about teaching Spanish and encouraged me in my language acquisition. She inspired me to pursue Spanish throughout high school, into college, and then at the graduate level.”

In addition to Spanish, Ms. Mavridis took French as an elective in high school, allowing her to expand her linguistic vocation.  She graduated college with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish and French and got her first teaching job as an instructor at her alma mater, Washington State University. Having spent her childhood on Long Island, she returned there and began working at Chaminade High School where she teaches four Spanish classes. Even if you do not take Spanish or have a different teacher, you might recognize Ms. Mavridis from your SAT/ACT prep class or study hall. You can also spot taking photos at various school functions, as she is the assistant moderator of the Photo Service.

“What I really like about Chaminade is the connection between education and religion; students can dedicate themselves to learning as well as growing spiritually,” Ms. Mavridis reflected. “Through this connection, students can then link their knowledge with their understanding of God and creation.”

Interestingly, Ms. Mavridis adores dogs, and better yet, she likes to name them after food. For example, she recently adopted a nine-year-old dog named Pumpkin.

As she exclaimed, “Becoming a language teacher allowed me to continue growing as a language learner and gives me the opportunity to teach others.”

Ms. Mavridis has become an instrumental member of the language department and excites students with her unique approach to teaching Spanish.