Science Research Club Members Visit NYU Winthrop

By Brady Baylis ’19

On Wednesday January 31, 2018, members of the Science Research Club traveled to NYU Winthrop’s Research and Academic Center. While there, they were afforded the opportunity to visit on-site, fully functional laboratories where many of tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs will originate.

NYU Winthrop’s Research and Academic Center (Photo Courtesy: NYU Winthrop)

A tour featuring these facilities was led by one of NYU Winthrop’s researchers, Dr. Louis Ragolia, whose laboratory space at NYU Winthrop is focused on studying how obesity and Type-II diabetes affects the cardiovascular system.

During this time, students were given a chance to explore the facility’s research labs. Dr. Ragolia showcased various instruments within each lab and explained the important role each plays in developing further research in his field. In awe by the complex equipment, club members learned about electron microscopes and culture units, as well as a shared wet-lab space.

In addition to the tour, Dr. Ragolia answered many questions from Chaminade’s young scientists. His expertise provided these students with a unique perspective and helped them better understand complex science topics while building on the existing knowledge they had garnered from their science classes at Chaminade.

“The recent visit to NYU Winthrop’s research facility showed my fellow club members and me the vast and astounding work that science research can provide the world,” said Austin Cusumano ’19. “From infinitesimal cells to the full human body, NYU Winthrop has provided us with a look into the world of science research and all it has to offer.”

(Photo Courtesy: NYU Winthrop)

The Science Research Club enjoyed the privilege of being able to visit NYU Winthrop’s beautiful research facility. After touring a state-of-the-art building, many of the club members began to anxiously anticipate what will lie within the interior of Chaminade’s own Science, Technology and Research Center. Like NYU Winthrop’s Research and Academic Center, Chaminade’s new building hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists to change the world and aid them in their efforts to make groundbreaking discoveries.