Takeoff: Mr. Sarhan Brings His Time as a Student to his Teaching

EBy Raymond Costanzo ’20


Each year, when Chaminade welcomes a new freshman class, a new group of teachers is often welcomed as well.  In 2017, one of those teachers was Mr. Sarhan, a passionate educator who has just begun teaching biology to Chaminade’s freshmen.  

While attending East Rockaway High School, Mr. Sarhan was motivated to succeed both in and out of the classroom.  Aside from playing on both the varsity lacrosse and football teams, Mr. Sarhan participated in the band, National Honor Society, and was a member of the student council.  Mr. Sarhan learned from a very young age that he had to be passionate and determined in order to accomplish his goals.

Inspired by his experiences as a student, Mr. Sarhan tells his students to “stay focused, stay determined, and get involved,” he explained.

Mr. Sarhan’s participation in “Quiz Bowl” allowed him to work as a team with his classmates and travel to other schools to compete in various trivia contests across many subjects.

“It would not only better my knowledge on subjects I already knew, but also helped me learn about other topics that I never heard about,” said Mr. Sarhan.  “I found that in learning new topics, you can get very interested while also having a lot of fun.”

After graduating high school, Mr. Sarhan began working at many different restaurants across Long Island, holding positions ranging from busboy to manager.  Through working at these places, Mr. Sarhan says he “developed key communication skills and also learned to work under pressure.”

After earning his master’s degree in science education at Brooklyn College, Mr. Sarhan had discovered many different ways to be an effective teacher.  

“Having an easygoing and progressive approach to teaching will help the student better gauge each lesson at a time,” he explained.  

At Chaminade, Mr. Sarhan not only brings his expertise in teaching, but also his innate caring for others.  With his past experiences as an active student and hard-working man, Mr. Sarhan has much to offer the Chaminade family.