Takeoff: Getting to Know Dr. Elias Kotsovolos, One of Chaminade’s New Biology Teachers

Dr. Elias Kotsovolos has joined the Chaminade faculty this year as a biology teacher.

By Nicholas Sathi ’20

One of Chaminade’s newest biology teachers, Dr. Elias Kotsovolos, brings to his classes a living example of the importance of clear goals and enjoying a fulfilling career.

Dr. Kotsovolos – Dr. K for short – was born in Greece, and moved to Jamaica, Queens, at the age of three.  As an elementary school student, he studied at St. Demetrios Astoria School, which provided him a religious foundation that he values to this day.  After moving to Suffolk County, he attended Elwood-John H. Glenn High School and later Stony Brook University, where he studied biochemistry.  

He then received his chiropractic degree at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois and for the last twenty-five years has been a licensed chiropractor.  While he enjoyed this career immensely, he came to believe that being a chiropractor had become more about business than helping patients, and this realization revealed a personal goal: becoming a teacher.

Three years ago, Dr. K returned to school at Dowling College in Oakdale, New York, where he became certified to teach biology and chemistry.  Upon receiving his certification, he began his teaching career while still practicing as a chiropractor.  He explained his career shift saying, “I pursued my only dream, and I love doing it.  I felt like it was a good time to change and Chaminade has proven it was a good move for me.”  

While he still is a practicing chiropractor, he is slowly shutting down his business and intends on solely teaching in the near future.  Aside from enjoying his job in the classroom, he is very passionate about his involvement in the Science Research Club and the Science Olympiad team.

Dr. K chose a position at Chaminade for two reasons.  He explains that he “love[s] the religious aspect of the school and how the strong foundation in Christ is present in everyone here.”  He also firmly believes Chaminade’s philosophy cultivates in its students a sound mind, sound body, and sound soul.  While obtaining a sound mind and body is possible for students at other schools through their daily activities, the path to a sound soul is something Chaminade alone has to offer.

Dr. K truly provides an illustration of the need to find goals in life to be fulfilled and excited to go to work every day.  His passion for teaching assures that he will continue to succeed here at Chaminade for years to come, serving his students and living out his dream.