Spiritually Starving: Seniors’ Hunger Satisfied with a Night of Recollection

Seniors James Russo, Mike Legieza, and Ryan Herrmann try to get second helpings of the fantastic food.

BBy John FitzSimons ’18


Between adapting to a new schedule, college applications, the notorious term paper, and writing last-minute summer reading projects, the class of 2018 has had a lot to juggle in its first few months as seniors.  While these many responsibilities cannot be ignored, it is important that amid these many stresses, the seniors take a step back and focus on the bigger picture.  

Hunger, Chaminade’s Senior Night of Recollection, aims to let seniors do just that by fulfilling the spiritual hunger each senior feels during his most stressful moments.  After satisfying students’ physical hunger with delicious steak, curly fries, and salad, the evening strengthened the seniors’ spirituality with camaraderie, faith talks, and Eucharistic Adoration.

The culinary club wasn’t messing around! With Mr. Mansueto’s help, the club prepared over 100 pounds of delicious steak right outside the AAC.

With over 190 members of Chaminade’s senior class in attendance, Hunger was an astounding success this year.  The class of 2018 enjoyed every moment, savoring every slice of steak, every curly fry, and every forkful of salad. 

Once dinner ended, Mr. Michael Foley ’99 invited the seniors into Darby Auditorium for two spiritual talks.  Bro. Patrick Cahill, S.M. ’11 and Mr. Matthew Chicavich ’98 spoke to the seniors about their own faith journeys and the lessons they could share from them.  

Bro. Pat’s talk focused on God’s call for everybody to achieve greatness.  His talk began by discussing the “safe spaces” at many colleges, which in his own college experience, allowed many around him not to avoid maturing.  Bro. Pat captured their immaturity well, noting this his classmates would often say, “I just don’t want to ‘adult.’”

Bro. Pat challenged students to live up to the greatness that God created them to achieve.

Bro. Pat explained that while the comfort of a “safe space” is tempting, people are “made for greatness.” He also evoked the images of the Gold Star alumni who gave their lives for our country.

“They were normal guys.  They had their flaws. The difference is that they didn’t settle for mediocrity,” he said. His words reminded the seniors that the ability to be great is universal and can be achieved by anyone with the right mix of hard work and bravery.  He ended his talk by challenging the seniors, saying, “Aspiring for greatness is to not settle for comfort.”

A film titled Child 31 was then shown.  Focused on an organization called Mary’s Meals, which works around the world to give children meals at school, this video shed light on the severity of the problem of world hunger.  Watching this short documentary reminded seniors of how blessed they are and further demonstrated that anyone can accomplish great things, like starting a charity, if they have good intentions.

Seniors felt a variety of emotions during Mr. Chicavich’s powerful talk, but despite discussing an occasionally sad subject, he never failed to make them laugh.

Mr. Chicavich’s highly anticipated talk was up next for the audience.  He took the seniors back 10 years to when he was just beginning his time at Chaminade as a teacher and coach.  He explained that soon into his first year, he experienced a conversion and let God into his life.  

To end the night, Father Garret Long, S.M. ’62 displayed the blessed sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration.  The seniors had the opportunity to reflect on all they had heard throughout the night in the quiet of their hearts before the evening drew to a close.  Despite the work still in store for them when they got home, the Flyers left Hunger knowing that, no matter what happens day-to-day, with trust in God’s plan, greatness is never far away.