Takeoff: Mr. John Mazzello Joins the Chaminade Family

Mr. Mazzello has joined the Chaminade faculty this year as a freshman and sophomore history teacher.

By Sean Lochner ’19

Chaminade has seen a massive wave of changes over the past few years. These include the introduction of the iPad program, an updated curriculum and a brand new block schedule.  With these new changes, many new educators have arrived at Chaminade, including history teacher Mr. John Mazzello.

Mr. Mazzello grew up in the town of Hyde Park, New York.  Not to be confused with New Hyde Park, Hyde Park is situated around two hours north of Mineola.

Mr. Mazzello began his college career at Marist College and finished at St. Thomas Aquinas College.  He majored in history and received a Masters in education.  Before joining the Chaminade family, Mr. Mazzello taught at St. John the Baptist High School in West Islip and coached basketball and baseball.  This year, Mr.Mazzello will be teaching both World History to freshmen and European History to sophomores.  He is also an assistant moderator of the Social Studies Club and the National Honor Society.

So far, Mr. Mazzello has enjoyed Chaminade. His favorite part of the experience has been “the welcome that I received from faculty staff and students.  Everyone has gone out of their way to get to know the new faculty members and are willing to help in any way possible,” he said.  “The support is endless, and I am grateful for that.”  

He also looks forward to utilizing iPads with his classes. He feels that “the iPads are a great tool that allows for so much more flexibility in the classroom.  If you can think it, you can do it, which is great as an educator.  The role of technology in the workplace is increasing year after year, so it’s great that the students here are getting a head start on the future.”   

We welcome Mr. Mazzello to the Chaminade family and hope that he continues to enjoy his time teaching here.