He Who Sings Prays Twice: University of Dayton Gives the Flyers a Rhythm

The singers choreographed dance moves for excited students to mimic in their seats.

By Justin Caccavo ’20

On a typical Friday morning inside the walls of Chaminade High School, one would expect to find exhausted students eagerly anticipating the start of their weekend.  However, on the morning of Friday, October 6 this was most certainly not the case!  The Flyers were lively and focused on the Ebony Heritage Singers of the University of Dayton, who engaged Chaminade seniors and freshmen and graced them with their beautiful voices through choral Gospel singing.  This fine arts presentation, which was part of Dayton’s Department of Music concert tour, had students singing and dancing along to the chorus’ praise of God.

Dressed in vibrant, traditional African clothes, the chorus exuded an infectiously joyous feeling for the students.  “We don’t sing for you.  We sing with you!” conductor Rev. Dr. Donna M. Cox informed the audience.

Some of the songs that were performed for the students included “And We Are Glad,” “Mighty God,” “Won’t He Make A Way,” and  “He Reigns!”  These songs, along with many others, were accompanied by choreographed dances that students could perform in the comfort of their chairs.

The Ebony Heritage Singers provided many talented soloists for the concert.

“Not only did they sing to us, they had us participating.  It was a ton of fun,” said Owen Brady ’21.

“The performance given by the University of Dayton was simply mesmerizing.  It was a unique way to combine Catholic music with more fun and modern styles,” praised Luca Bonati ’18.

The choir of twenty-six has singers, who had majors ranging from Music Therapy to Psychology to Electrical Engineering, who came together harmoniously despite their diverse backgrounds.  The faculty as well as the Ebony Singers noted the students’ appreciation of the music.

Bro. Karl Hornberger, S.M. ’77 said, “It was great to see all of the students enjoy and participate in the presentation.  To quote one of the seniors, ‘Best assembly ever!’”

As Fine Arts Department Chairman, Bro. Karl was largely responsible for orchestrating this wonderful event.

This concert introduced the freshman class to the many things Chaminade assemblies can offer, and gave the senior class their best assembly yet.  This was a great way to expose the freshmen to the spirit of our school, and for them to bond with the seniors, who they would ordinarily not have the opportunity to connect with, given their age difference.  Most importantly, this presentation reminded the Flyers that one can have faith and have fun at the same time.