Community, Confidence, and Commitment: 3-C Program Introduces Young Flyers to the Chaminade Family

The class of 2021 completes its orientation with a class photo at Gold Star Stadium. Homeroom 1M received the 3-C Cup for its athletic performance, and students enjoyed cookies and iced tea.

ABy Nicholas Plante ’18, Aidan Fitzgerald ’18, and Colin Capece ’18

Along with a host of curriculum changes implemented this year at Chaminade, the new school year brought one additional change for the incoming freshman class of 2021: an updated 3-C Week.  After many years of a five-day-long orientation, this year’s introduction to Chaminade, held last week, was shortened to three days filled with athletic activities and informational classes about the school.  New students got a glimpse at Chaminade’s 21st-century education and the campus that they will call home for the next four years.  Most importantly, as its name implies, the program helped each freshman internalize the value of the “3-C’s”—community, confidence, and commitment—ensuring that they will be prepared to begin their unique high school experience.


Chaminade is a school that draws students from across Long Island and beyond.  There are plenty of new underclassmen who did not know anybody prior to the start of 3-C Week.  This is why fostering a sense of community is such an important aspect of the program.  New students spent the duration of the week with their assigned homerooms, allowing them to meet the classmates that they will spend much of the next four years with.  Over time, these homerooms will truly become a brotherhood.  Activities during the 3-C program helped students build this camaraderie.  Field events such as basketball, dodgeball, and soccer provided a chance for homeroom members to form new friendships in the midst of athletic competition.  A special class was also offered to detail how new students can become a member of the greater Chaminade community by participating in extracurricular offerings.  Furthermore, the class of 2021 was introduced to the faith community here at Chaminade during a visit to the Chapel of Our Lady’s Assumption.  We welcome our freshmen and assure them that there will always be a place for them in this vibrant Chaminade family.

During the three days, each homeroom competed in a number of athletic events for the coveted 3-C Cup, given to the homeroom with the most points at the end of the week.


Taking the first steps of their high school careers is a source of trepidation for many freshmen, which is where the “confidence” aspect of 3-C comes into play.  3-C Week offered freshmen time to get acquainted with their new surroundings so that they can take their first steps as Chaminade students with certainty that they will thrive here.  Many events throughout the week reinforced this message to new students.  Classes offering students literacy in the educational tools at their disposal helped prepare them for their transition to using iPads in the classroom.  To make students feel more comfortable outside the classroom, homerooms spent time at Chaminade’s on-campus retreat house Saragossa, bringing to light the strong faith life at Chaminade.  Another presentation illustrated the support Chaminade’s guidance department offers its students.  As the year begins, the 3-C program ensures our newest underclassmen will enter school with the confidence they need to have an enjoyable and rewarding four years at Chaminade.

Mr. Terzulli introduces freshmen to Chaminade’s faith life with a service in the Chapel of Our Lady’s Assumption.


Throughout his first few weeks at the school, a Chaminade student is bound to hear two words of advice more than anything else: “Get involved.”  With its diverse selection of extracurriculars and sports, Chaminade offers something for every student.  In order to make the most out of the resources he is provided, however, a student needs to fully commit himself to whatever he chooses to take on; only through dedication will his experiences truly become rewarding.  During the program, the freshmen attended several presentations that explained the importance of staying committed throughout their high school careers.  For instance, the students discussed time management skills with teachers at the school.  They also enjoyed performances by members of the drama club, glee club, and band, as well as a light show produced entirely by students in the production crew.  And who could forget the depiction of “The Life of Joe Chaminade” on the organ by Bro. Robert Lahey, S.M. ’65?  The new Flyers also spent time in the publications center and ETV studio learning more about the various opportunities students have to pursue interests in media (including Tarmac, of course).  Our newest classmates certainly learned that true success stems from commitment.

Consider those upperclassmen who spend hours perfecting their shots or editing the latest morning announcements introduction.  Observe the Marianist brothers and priests whose mission to teach has thrived because of years of devoted service.  These men hold in common the joys of success not through individual excellence, but because they share a camaraderie through which all things are possible.  Taking their first of many steps through the halls of Chaminade, the class of 2021 can be sure that they will continue to grow in the virtues of community, confidence, and commitment.  The 3-Cs will not only equip them to face the trials of high school and take advantage of its opportunities, but also more importantly, allow them to do so together.