Finding a Path: Juniors Investigate Potential Careers at Annual Career Night

By Patrick Conklin ’18

As the senior class has arrived at the conclusion of the college process, the time for juniors to think about potential colleges and majors has just begun.  College entrance exams, heavy school work, and college visits are rapidly becoming the main priorities of the junior class.  In order to help narrow down a school and path for each Flyer, Chaminade hosts its annual career night to expose juniors to what they might want to pursue after finishing school.  On the evening of Tuesday, May 2, the entire junior class gathered the Activity-Athletic Center and anxiously waited to begin the two-hour-long career information session.

Mr. John McDonald ’87 gives students a presentation on Wall Street careers on the track in the AAC.

“Career Night has been completely revitalized,” explained Assistant Principal of Guidance Mr. Daniel Petruccio as the juniors began the evening.  In contrast with previous years, which had students sign up for three informational sessions in advance, the 2017 career night consisted of four blocks of twenty minutes each.  Students were thus able to walk around the AAC and listen to the presentations on their top four job interests.  Generous Chaminade alumni volunteered their time and came to represent each job, with nearly every career path represented in some way.  The students’ parents were not permitted to the event, so students had the opportunity to view careers that they found most personally interesting.  

Juniors examine various careers on the floor of the Activity-Athletic Center.

The five most popular career paths were designated their owns spaces: accounting in the wrestling room, business on the upstairs track, science and medicine in the south side of the gym, law in Hearst Auditorium for the first two sessions, and engineering in Hearst Auditorium for the last two sessions.  Business was spread throughout the track into four main areas: Wall Street jobs, corporate management, stocks and securities, and marketing.  Students were also encouraged to spend one session on the gym floor where there was a vast array of career choices, which ranged from Aviation and Culinary Arts to Fire Fighting and Film Production.  

Each presenter discussed day-to-day life in the profession, but also focused on the required education for the job, which was very useful for the juniors who will soon need to apply to colleges.  The night assisted many students in considering a potential career choice that they may have never thought of previously.  They were also able to determine how much they liked their previous interests in possible careers.

Overall, the night was very informative and helpful for the junior class, and will help them in their upcoming decision on their future path as they enter college and the real world.