Be a Man, Bring in a Can!

Be a Man, Bring in a Can! Junior GSO Runs Lenten Food Drive

By James Russo ‘18

Continuing its long-lasting tradition, Chaminade has recently begun its annual Lenten Food Drive.  Monday, March 13 marked the beginning of a two-week long endeavor to aid the needy and poor through numerous donations to several food-banks all across Long Island.

The many generous donations received assist in supplying four core community food pantries: Corpus Christi Church in Mineola, St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Westbury, St. Ignatius Loyola RC Church in Hicksville, and Island Harvest.  These donation centers provide for their respective surrounding communities, or in the case of Island Harvest, all of Long Island.

Through donating to these hospitable charities, the Chaminade family has successfully impacted the lives of hundreds of families island-wide.  Chaminade invites everyone to help make a positive change by providing non-perishable items to these families.  Even though the act of donating a simple can of food may seem minuscule, the difference this kindness makes in these people’s’ lives is immense.  The drive ends this Friday, March 24.  Remember, be a man, and bring in a can!