Breaking Bread: Chaminade Freshmen and Juniors Gather at the Annual Communion Breakfast

By Andrew Donnelly ’20

On the morning of Sunday, March 12, Chaminade High School held its annual Communion Breakfast.  This event was a delightful experience for the members of the classes of 2018 and 2020 who took part in this rich tradition, as it offered physical and spiritual sustenance to them and their families.  At 9:00 AM in Darby Auditorium, the Chaminade community gathered for Mass.  Fr. Garrett Long S.M. ’62 celebrated Mass, and the fantastic Chaminade Glee Club added to the solemnity of worship.

Fr. Garrett Long S.M. ’62 delivers his homily about temptation, acting out this experience with a stuffed snake and apple.

After the Gospel reading from the Book of Matthew, Fr. Garrett talked to the Chaminade community about addiction.  He discussed the various temptations that run rampant in our society.  Fr. Garrett described an image of four circles of addiction, each packed with the many temptations that make themselves readily available, specifically to young people.  Fr. Garrett said that we must pray through Mary to rid ourselves of the evils of addiction.  As Bro. Tim Driscoll ‘76 later remarked, “What is addiction but a desperate attempt to fill emptiness?”

“The victory over evil in any generation is reserved for Mary,” said Fr. Garrett.

Once Mass concluded, the families donned their coats and proceeded to the AAC for an outstanding buffet breakfast.  This smorgasbord consisted of omelets, sausage, fruit, bagels, and more, compliments of the cafeteria staff.  Thanks to the hands-on attention of parent volunteers, hot chocolate and coffee were provided at a moment’s notice.  Once everyone was content, they were ready to hear the guest speaker, Bro. Tim.

Bro. Timothy Driscoll S.M. ‘76, the Provincial of the Marianist community, addresses Chaminade’s guests about the meaning behind the Wedding Feast at Cana.

Bro. Tim is a provincial superior at the Province of Meribah – a job he jokingly described as “Doing the jobs the other brothers don’t want to do.”  He has thus fulfilled his vocation as a brother, living out the example given to us by Father Chaminade, the founder of the Marianist order.  He also gave an intriguing and enlightening speech to students and their families.

“You know, it’s a beautiful tradition to come together, share in the Eucharist, and have a good meal,” said Bro. Tim, reflecting on the event.

His speech was about a Marianist depiction of the Wedding Feast at Cana.  It showed Mary pointing to Jesus as he transforms water into wine, and the servant, representing us as servants of Christ, filling the jars with water.

“Fill the jars.  Mary does what she always does: points to Jesus.  Remember, we fill; Christ transforms,” said Bro. Tim.

He talked about how we must stay focused on Christ, and He will do the rest.  Also, he uses this scene to explain his Marianist devotion.  It is through Mary that these people were saved, the same way it was through Mary we were saved.