Stopping the Slump: Evening of Recollection Helps Freshmen Beat their Restlessness

Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62 exposes the Blessed Sacrament to the freshmen in attendance for a period of reflective adoration.

By Andrew Donnelly ’20

On the evening of Thursday, January 19, over 200 Chaminade freshmen packed into the Hearst Auditorium to take part in Restless, an evening of recollection designed to give the students a break from their strenuous coursework. The students were welcomed by Mr. Michael Foley ’99, who led the class of 2020 in a brief prayer to kick off the evening.

Mr. Anthony Muhs accompanies the service with live music.

Once given their schedules, the young men gathered with their homerooms and began to take part in various athletic events.  With members of faculty officiating, each homeroom partook in a multitude of competitions, including dodgeball and European handball in the AAC, a Bible verse scavenger hunt in Saragossa, a rigorous obstacle course in the Physical Fitness Center, as well as Chaminade trivia in Hearst Auditorium.

Once the fatigued students had their share of fun, they were set to devour a hearty dinner. The ravenous participants devoured nearly 400 chicken sandwiches.  When the students were satisfied and physically replenished, they proceeded to the auditorium for Holy Hour so that they might be spiritually replenished as well.

As the number of players on the court dwindles, Michael Guerriere ’20 aims to release his dodgeball at the opposing team.

After a brief and inspiring talk from Mr. Foley, the students kneeled in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which was brought in the room by Fr. Garrett Long, S.M. ’62.  Mario Rinaldi ’20 commented, “After the sports and activities, it was nice to sit down, talk with your friends, and eat some food.  Then it was nice to go into Hearst Auditorium and and settle down to be in a place with God.”

After Adoration and meditation, Mr. Vincent Jeffrey ’04 spoke to the students about numerous important topics relevant to freshman year.  He talked about his life story, having attending Georgetown, and his aspirations to be a lawyer.  Instead of taking his original path, Mr. Jeffrey found himself teaching at Chaminade, which has completely fulfilled his vocation.  Once Mr. Jeffrey’s speech concluded, students exited Hearst Auditorium and departed for the night.

The freshman evening of recollection was a spiritually enlightening experience for all who attended, and it was a fantastic way for the freshmen to become closer with each other and God.

Edited by Chris Mercadante ’18