Giving the Gift of Life: Nearly 100 Seniors Participate in 2016 Blood Drive

Seniors Kevin Werneck, Quinn Walsh, Brian Vassallo, Ted Flaherty, Alexander Oruci, Zach Pablo, and Joe Prieter (from left to right) pose for a photo before giving blood.

ABy Jackson Heil ’17

Approximately 4.5 million people require a blood transfusion each year in order to counteract various injuries, surgeries, and illnesses.  With the necessity for blood for these transfusions now approaching an all-time high, it has become increasingly vital that we provide plasma, red blood cells, and platelets to those who require them.  With such a reality in mind, nearly 100 members of the Chaminade senior class participated in the Annual Senior Blood Drive on Friday, November 4.

With the help of Mr. Vincent Jeffrey ’04 and the Long Island Blood Service, 98 seniors donated up to two pints of blood to help those who need transfusions on Long Island.  All in all, the Blood Drive was a tremendous triumph.  The seniors gave over 89 pints of blood that will go to various health care centers in the metropolitan area.

Seniors fill out the proper information as they wait patiently in the lobby before they donate blood.
Seniors fill out the proper information as they wait patiently in the lobby before they donate blood.

The process to donate blood was actually quite simple.  After filling out some paperwork and getting clearance from a nurse, students would head over to the New York Blood Center truck parked outside the school, where they would donate at least one pint of blood.  Contributors would be provided with ample amounts of fluids and snacks to prevent side effects and enjoy the time they spent regaining their strength.

“I felt that donating blood is the least that my fellow classmates and I could do, given the fortunate lives we have,” said Kevin Gorman ’17. “Also, it’s important to understand that doing things without a reward is an essential part of being a Catholic.”

Dominic Doria ’17 echoed that sentiment, saying, “The opportunity to give blood was a no-brainer in my mind. We are lucky enough to not have to deal with a constant need for a supply of blood, and giving blood is something I can do to help those people out.”

In donating their own blood, Chaminade seniors were able to lend a helping hand to those in need and gain a vital appreciation for the health they have.